Natural masks for brittle hair

Natural masks for brittle hair

Fragility and section of hair - current problem, but solved even in house conditions. And it is not necessary to buy special means in shop at all, adopt usual masks from natural products.

There is huge number of recipes of natural masks for the weakened and brittle hair, but before beginning house procedures, it is worth weighing all pluses and minuses. The positive side of such means consists in: - naturalness of products;

- efficiency; - availability of components;

- available cost; - opportunities to change structure of mask at discretion. Unfortunately, there are minuses of house natural masks, though insignificant: - expense of time for preparation of structure; - many procedures for obtaining visible effect are required; - there can be allergy to the separate products which are part of mask.

Make nutritious fat mask. Take on the 2nd tablespoons of olive, castoric and burdock oils, connect and in addition pour in half of tablespoon of the good shampoo balanced for your hair. Moisten the head with this mix and comb hair on all length that they have become impregnated with oils. For the best effect of the procedure tie with polyethylene film or put on hat for shower. Also be engaged in the affairs for 40 minutes. Then wash up the head. Repeat before obtaining result once a week. For brittle hair it is recommended to do structure for mask on broths of officinal herbs. It is camomile, calendula, St. John's wort, etc. For example, take 50 ml of broth of any grass or mix of several, part tablespoon of yeast and pour in the shaken-up yolk. Wait until yeast starts up foam then add 3 drops of essential oil of grapefruit and tablespoon of burdock oil. Apply the received mix on hair, massage near roots and cover with polyethylene for 40 minutes. Wash away warm water. For elimination of fragility of hair it is necessary to improve intake of nutrients to roots. For this purpose it is possible to make mask on red wine. Mix from tablespoon of wine and one yolk will be the simplest option. Weight is applied on hair for half an hour and on the expiration of time is washed away. If there are time and desire, the mask can be complicated. Rub 50 g of onions, wring out juice. Add to it on 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice and any vegetable oil, pour in 3 tablespoons of red wine. Mix and apply on hair, doing light massage. In 10 minutes wash away. This mask can cause burning if there are damages on head skin. The medical effect is gained from the fact that blood circulation is stimulated and to hair bulbs more oxygen and useful substances is delivered by birth.

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