Natural means from pigmental spots

Natural means from pigmental spots

Pigmental spots can appear both from direct impact on skin, and owing to the processes happening in organism. To external factors it is possible to refer influence of sunshine, and to internal - failure of hormones, deficiency of vitamins, consumption of certain drugs, bad functioning of liver and others. It is the best of all to fight against pigmental spots by means of safe natural means, without resorting to chemical.


1. Lemon juice is part of many bleaching creams. Wipe face with lemon juice twice a day within six-eight weeks and pigmental spots will begin to turn pale and disappear.

2. Onions and apple cider vinegar. Grate onions on small grater, filter its juice in bowl. Add equal amount of apple cider vinegar and apply on pigmental spots with cotton tampon. Disappearance of spots is possible within 5-6 months.

3. Aloe juice belief has huge potential in treatment of dermatological problems, such as burns and scars. Also wipe with the juice received from aloe belief areas of skin with pigmental spots. Juice of aloe stimulates growth of new skin cells for replacement of died off and possesses the rejuvenating action.

4. Horse-radish is one of the most powerful tools from pigmental spots. We mix horse-radish juice with milk in equal proportions, we allow to infuse 20-30 minutes, then we wipe with the moistened tampon pigmental spots. Clarification of spots perhaps within several days.

5. Castor oil. At use of castor oil twice a day within several months the texture of skin considerably will improve.

6. Olive oil and vinegar. Mix spoon of vinegar and spoon of olive oil, apply on spots, in 30 minutes wash away water.

7. Orange juice and apple cider vinegar. Mix 2-3 spoons of orange juice and a half spoon of apple cider vinegar. The result is possible within month.

8. Watermelons are rich with antioxidants and vitamin C which as it has been proved, reduce emergence of pigmental spots. Just apply watermelon pulp to skin, and in 15 minutes wash away water.

9. Caraway seeds seeds. Boil a little caraway seeds in water and wash this broth. Do not wash away at least within 30 minutes.

10. Garlic. Paste from the garlic which is passed through chesnokodavka is also effective in treatment of pigmental spots.

11. Cucumber juice has the bleaching properties and seriously improves appearance of skin.

12. The dandelion can cure a number of diseases of skin. We fill in Melkonarezanny stalks of dandelion with hot water. When water cools down, infusion is filtered and we wipe with it skin.

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