Natural oils: advantage and correct application

Natural oils: advantage and correct application

is possible to find many recipes on hair, face and body care in the Internet, but it is necessary to know well what ingredients will bring benefit and what are not present. It is also necessary to pick up the recipe to the type of skin or hair as skin or hair can react to the same ingredient differently.

Women often are interested in question: And whether there is in general cosmetics in which there are no hazardous substances?. Of course is, – this cosmetics made with own hands at which there will be natural oils. The most important to find the oil suitable you.

These oils well soften, nourish and calm skin and also struggle with wrinkles. And in even the most usual cosmetic cream there are many synthetic substances, various fragrances and other harmful components. 

Use of natural oils – step to correct I leave behind skin. In them there are a lot of useful substances, but they should not replace to us purchased cream for several reasons: constant use of oils can lead to violation of activity of sebaceous glands; they do not moisturize the skin as water is not their part; at frequent drawing the skin peeling can appear.

But it does not mean what natural oils is not suitable for daily leaving. Most optimum to apply them together with creams as additional leaving. Natural oils help to improve complexion if to follow certain rules: 

  • to apply oils only after washing;
  • not to mix oil with any purchased cream at all;
  • not to use them it is constant;
  • it is not necessary to refuse purchased cream completely.

Several recommendations about use of oils

  • buy oils only in drugstore, – it guarantees quality;
  • before each use well purify skin;
  • you apply oil with the massing movements and wash away in 5 minutes;
  • use for half an hour to dream, and for the morning you apply the moisturizing cream;
  • choose oils of cold extraction as in them more useful substances remain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team