New Year's hairstyle to the girl: how to make with own hands

New Year's hairstyle to the girl: how to make with own hands

The New Year's holiday is equally loved by adults and children – explosion of joy, representation, gifts, fun and turmoil load all with positive emotions. Girls, imitating mothers, smarten up, put on elegant dresses and ask to do them festive hair.


  1. Braid braids. The convenient and practical hairstyle can look festively and unusually if to show imagination and to decorate locks with satin ribbons, multi-colored laces, small elastic bands, etc. Interweave New Year's rain into braids – bright and brilliant sparkles will draw attention and will give to hairstyle fervent look. If the girl has romantic and refined dress – long dress, carnival costume of the fantastic princess – that braid should be braided in the unusual way. Well the French weaving, the locks fixed around the head small braids, etc. twirled on spiral looks.
  2. Short hairstyles can be decorated with decorative elements. Fix the bang combed on one side by hairpin hair claw with large bead or beaded weaving, lacy inserts. Create small bunches of hair from one temple through occipital area to other temple, fix them by small elastic bands.
  3. It is possible to make composition of long hair. By alternation of locks of hair and forming of certain lines it is possible to build sun rays on the head, it is simple to bind fancifully of lock, fastening tails at the basis with elastic bands. There are no certain rules and everything depends on your imagination – choose the direction of hair and ways of their fixing on the discretion. The tips which have remained free can be tightened up, sprinkled multi-colored varnish or to comb.
  4. Raise hair up. Collect them in hard bunch on the top, fix tail by wide elastic band or wind it with smooth tape, and release the remained locks, wind and leave freely to hang down. The second option – lift the wound locks from two parties over temples, fix them by hairpins or bows. Weave set of braids out of the hair forming high tail – let out them in any order or interweave into everyone on piece of wire, giving to locks unnatural bend.
  5. Use rims and hoops. Children's accessories and jewelry for hair will become excellent addition to festive attire – comb hair, allow them to fall freely on shoulders, and put on the refined hoop decorated with small stones, florets from velvet, large beads, etc. the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team