Neyl-art novelties: gradient manicure

Neyl-art novelties: gradient manicure

Gradient manicure call the equipment of covering of nails varnish of which transition from one color to another is characteristic. The equipment means two big subspecies of gradient.

Gradient manicure has become fashionable rather recently, but thanks to the originality and beauty has strongly become stronger among popular designs for nails.

Simple kind of this kind of manicure are the nails covered with different varnishes. That is if each finger is painted in the color, then it already and is gradient. It is absolutely simple to execute it as he does not demand special tools and materials. Everything that is necessary – nail varnishes of five different flowers. It is possible to expand color range and to ten flowers, then the gradient will turn out even more unusual and large-scale.

For gradient manicure of such version the immutable rule works – colors have to be combined. For example, to be sustained in uniform scale. Very effectively the nails varnished different shades of one color look (from pale juicy orange, orange till the color, for example).

More advanced way of performance of gradient manicure is transition of flowers on one nail. It is carried out by means of sponge or foam rubber. It is required in order that transition has turned out smooth and accurate. For performance of gradient manicure are necessary: - varnishes of several flowers; - basis for manicure; - sponge or piece of foam rubber; - fat cream; - protective coating for manicure. Before drawing basis for manicure it is necessary to grind carefully nail plates that they were equal. Depends on it, the covering will how well lay down further. The basis for manicure needs to be dried carefully, to apply fat cream on cuticle and side rollers. There are two ways of performance of gradient manicure of this kind. The first assumes putting varnishes on nails, the second at once – directly on sponge or foam rubber. Important detail is also that material has to be damp. Drip several drops of different varnishes on nails until they have stiffened, press sponge to nails. Let's manicure dry in the natural way, put protective coating, remove cream from skin. If varnish is applied directly on sponge, then it needs to be pressed to nails for several seconds, then to remove. After drying of gradient, it needs to be covered with protective finishing means for manicure. Rules of selection of color work for any type of gradient manicure. First, colors have to be combined well. Example of bad combination: gray and pale yellow. Such combination will give to nails slovenliness. Secondly, the consistence of varnish has to be rather dense, otherwise the covering will badly lay down, will mix up among themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team