Nicotinic acid for growth of hair

Nicotinic acid for growth of hair

Nicotinic acid, it complex of B3 and PP vitamins, is medicine and has nothing in common with the substance which is present at cigarettes. But, besides the medical purposes, it is also widely used also for hair care.

Advantage of nicotinic acid for hair

This means is demanded for its properties to stimulate growth of hair though opinions on its application are contradictory. Many responses note that circumstance that allergic reactions from its use are too strong and instead of removing dandruff and to accelerate growth, nicotinic acid causes irritation of skin. But also it is possible to find information and that the condition of hair after its application has improved. This circumstance is caused not only by the vitamins which are part of acid, but also its ability to activate skin blood circulation thanks to what inflow of useful substances to hair bulbs increases.

Contraindications to use of nicotinic acid are absent in principle, except cases of its individual intolerance therefore test it on itself everyone can become owners of long curls.

Use of nicotinic acid

There are several ways of how to use nicotinic acid. The simplest of them is to rub it in roots of hair in pure form. The feature of the procedure is that it is necessary to apply it on the head directly after opening of ampoule. Otherwise on air all useful substances which are present at it quickly lose the properties, decaying. Therefore for the future to prepare masks, as well as to leave part of contents of ampoule, it is useless. It is necessary to rub nicotinic acid in already clean head skin, especially if skin is inclined to fat content. It does not need additional washing off. The course is designed not less than for 30 procedures which should be carried out every other day. The result from its application will be visible not earlier than in month. The second way consists in enrichment with nicotinic acid of any masks corresponding to own type of hair. The universal recipe suitable for all types, it is possible to consider acid mix with honey and egg yolk. In this case nicotinic acid, the mask with which works also effectively, is distributed on all skin on the head not later than half an hour before its washing.

At course of masks with use of nicotinic acid it is necessary to choose the shampoos which are not containing silicone as the last interferes with its penetration deep into of skin.

What else should be known

At any way of use in day it is authorized to apply no more than one ampoule of substance. At all its microscopic volume it is impossible to take more because of increase in risk of developing of allergy. In case purely nicotinic acid after all causes irritation, it is necessary to dissolve it in equal proportions with plain water. As a part of masks nicotinic acid is less aggressive. But even in this case nicotinic acid for growth of hair is only capable to stimulate internal reserves of organism and to help it to start process, but to believe that the nikotinka is capable to help to grow head of hear on more than 1.5-2 cm a month after all is not necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team