Night care of the face and body

Night care of the face and body

Night ideal time of day for restoration from day stresses, derivation from daily cares and thorough personal care next morning to appear in front of the mirror freshened up and got prettier. In period from 8 o'clock in the evening and till midnight the organism intensively works: cages strongly share, slags are removed from them. This most ideal time for various cosmetics as the susceptibility of organism to them as much as possible increases.

To have in the morning serene look, do for night of mask against hypostases. They stimulate blood circulation and promote removal of liquid from organism, thereby preventing appearance of hypostases.

Night cream will help to achieve fresh complexion in the morning. The glycolic acid or enzymes which are contained in it in night restore complexion. Under the influence of Retinolum (vitamin A) which does not transfer action of direct sunlight and works only at night cages are intensively updated, providing effect of rejuvenation.

Night also ideal time for eyelash care. After removal of make-up apply with clean brush from ink on them castor oil. The procedure is excessively effective. Through two-three of weeks you will become the hostess of velvet and dense eyelashes.

Do not forget about lips. After evening toothbrushing rinse toothbrush and massage it lips. Then apply hygienic lipstick or night balm. Fine means for lips – honey which is put for 10 minutes. Smooth and soft lips will be award for your works.

Fine means for removal of the slags which have accumulated in day is the hot bathtub with extract of seaweed or milk finished by cool shower. The procedure perfectly stimulates blood circulation. After its termination apply cream with the tightening and rejuvenating effect to skin of body.

That in the morning to admire well-cared handles, use night cream which is rich with nutrients. And for its best penetration into skin do not forget about short, but intensive massage. Looking after hands, do not forget about the Piglet (massage with cream and socks for the night).

If you have got used to wash the head in the evening, then before going to bed, surely dry up hair. From friction about pillow from wet hair scales peel off, and they become fragile. Being combed for the night, apply the strengthening tonic on hair. So the nature has disposed that when we sleep tight, all sections of our organism intensively work. Use this gift every night, do not forget to help cages various cosmetics, and each your morning will be kind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team