Night cream: what to buy

Night cream: what to buy

At night skin not only has a rest, but also is actively recovered. Use this time – pick up suitable cream and you put it every evening. Several hours of dream and correctly chosen night cream will make miracles – your person will freshen up, skin will become more elastic, smooth and gentle.

The choice of night cream depends on age and condition of skin. The young face till 25 flyings does not need anti-aging programs. To such skin of enough light moisturizing gels and mousses promoting its freshness and relaxation. If you have problems with developing of pimples, look for means with fruit acids and zinc. Also textures on the basis of mineral or sea water are very good. The majority of similar creams are suitable also for day use under make-up.

For sensitive skin choose night creams with natural oils. They have ability to hold natural moisture. Be more careful with the means containing essential and aromatic oils – they can cause irritation and reddening. But argania oils, the carriage, soy and almond perfectly soften skin and level it.

Closer to thirty it is worth taking care of complexion - skin can look dim even after full-fledged eight-hour dream. Buy creams with more rich texture and nutritious extracts – for example, gingo biloba, mulberries, tsentella. Very well refresh means skin with addition of microelements and vitamins, especially vitamin C. However such cream can cause hypostases – apply it not later, than for hour to dream. More adult skin needs the means removing excess wrinkles and also promoting strengthening of relief of skin and restoration of collagenic fibers. Choose night mature skin cream with bio-extracts, addition of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Effect of cream can be strengthened by means of serum of the same brand. Put several drops on face and neck before use of night cream. Do not forget to buy cream for century. Many effective remedies for face skin have too rich texture. The thin eyelid skin does not transfer excess of oils and reacts hypostases, reddenings mucous and other unpleasant surprises. Besides separate skin cream around eyes will help to solve local problems. For example, means with extract of caffeine will remove swellings and hypostases, gel with aloe the belief will calm the angry skin, and cream with addition of vitamin C will smooth small wrinkles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team