Non-standard use of usual cosmetics

Non-standard use of usual cosmetics

few people know that the majority of cosmetics are created on the basis of the same components. The lion's share of means belongs to marketing mix more. So, actually such there is no big need for huge number of different "jars bottles".

Children's cream

Basic application: intended for gentle children's skin care.

Unexpected application. What is good for children is good also for adults. So, it is possible to replace with children's cream safely hand cream and legs, and also moistening means after shower. And baby oil is excellent suntan preparation.

Hand lotion

Basic application: moisturizes and softens the skin of hands.

Unexpected application. On "Hurrah!" softens and smoothes unruly hair. So forget about very expensive hair serums, there is worthy alternative – hand lotion! Just apply means drop on palms and distribute on hair. They will become obedient, and the problem with the overdried hair will leave by itself.

Lip balm

Basic application: Softens skin of lips, is also good basis under lipstick.

Unexpected application. Softens cuticle of nails. But for this purpose balm has to be colourless.

Hair conditioner

Basic application: Softens hair, does them obedient.

Unexpected application: From the conditioner excellent hair cream turns out. Literally pound drop on palms and apply on hair – so they will better lay down in hairstyle, and will not be electrified. Strangely enough, but hair conditioner will perfectly replace shaving gel. Apply it slightly to skin of armpits, legs or the line of bikini and forward! Skin will be smooth and silky.


Basic application: toothbrushing

Unexpected application: Very few people know, but usual toothpaste perfectly dries small heat-spots. Just put a little funds for zone of inflammation and by the morning by contradiction of pimple nothing will remain. If suddenly at you nails have turned yellow, then and the toothpaste better bleaching is useful here. If near at hand it has not turned out such, then add drop of lemon juice to paste. Such procedure not only will bleach nails, but also will return them natural gloss.

And sometimes at all it is possible to do without cosmetics. Some products which can be found in each house can be used for care for the appearance:

  • baking soda can quite replace srub for skin;
  • bruise will pass quicker if to put compress from vinegar;
  • gloss and softness will give to hair beer with vinegar;
  • the made and cooled tea bags will help to get rid of inflammation and fatigue to eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team