Normalization of weight

Normalization of weight

According to researches of psychologists, one of the most burning questions for women, is the question of extra kilos. And that weight has reached norm, for a long time have thought up such test for organism as diet. But whether always the diet, especially rigid, is harmless to female body?

 Doctors have given definite answer. No.

 Then question – how to throw off these extra uninvited kilos? It appears for a long time effective measures have been thought up.

 First of all it concerns some sweet and farinaceous food. Your organism will almost lose nothing from the fact that you completely will refuse any delicacies making these. And advantage you receive from it many times more.

But there is such type of people for whom the similar refusal is similar to tortures. They can endure some time, and then do not maintain, break and for once eat so many that it is just incommensurable to in what quantities they used it to the decision to refuse sweet and farinaceous food.

It will be in that case better to replace them with similar. For example, sugar on honey, and chocolate, for example on marmalade candy. And still small secret is that it is better to eat them since morning, than in the evening. It will help to settle excess calories during the working day.

 Secondly, it is not necessary to gorge on so that would last for several days ahead. It is better to eat smaller portions, but is more often. Same concerns also dinner. If there is opportunity, then replace evening fat roast chicken or stewed pork with prunes with something easy, for example with vegetable salad.

 If you are able, then it is better to limit a little and bread in the diet. If for you it is heavy, then it is possible to try to replace white loaf with black at least. The last is more vitamin-rich also useful substances.

 Water also helps to restore organism. Nutritionists have removed that the optimum volume of water in day has to be about several liters. And it is more desirable to use it for hour before meal. You will occupy with it some volume of stomach that will affect smaller amount of the eaten food.

 And, probably, one of the most important recommendations. It will be better not to eat food after six-seven in the evening at all. It will help stomach to have a rest before going to bed, but not to spend the forces for digestion of supper.

 And at all there is no universal recipe for stabilization of weight. What some are able to afford does not suit others at all. Everything is selected especially individually.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team