Nut cosmetics

Nut cosmetics

All nuts have medicinal properties, but at each of them the features. Many consider that it is possible to do without nuts easily, but, most likely, they just do not know what useful substances in nuts contains several times more, than in fruit. Nuts favorably influence organism not only at the use inside, but also when using for preparation of masks. Nuts and nut oil perfectly help to revitalize skin.


1. Crush in the blender or miss 0.5 glasses of any nuts, and then separately peel of 1 apple via the meat grinder, wring out apple juice through gauze and mix from nut - Put weight on face, and in 20-25 minutes wash away warm water. This mask affects skin of any type as srub.

2. Take the crushed pine nuts and banana in equal volume. Add as much some honey, mix, pound and put on face for 10-15 minutes. Wash away warm water. The mask moisturizes and piktat the normal and dry skin.

3. Mix 3-4 kernels of almonds ground in the coffee grinder with kefir that not really liquid gruel has turned out, apply to skin for 2 hours, then wash away warm water. The mask smoothes and refreshes wrinkled skin.

4. Crush kernel of 1 walnut, add according to 1 h to spoon of butter, protein and honey, all carefully to perekmeshayta. Put on face for 20-30 minutes then wash away. The mask vitaminizes, cleans and tones up oily skin.

5. Oil of Brazil nut gets deeply into skin layers, nourishing skin from within, promoting cell regeneration and preventing aging, and on the surface of skin creates protective layer. Add this oil to the cosmetics directly before their use at the rate of 10% of oil for portion of cream or structure of mask.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team