Nutritious masks for hair in house conditions

Nutritious masks for hair in house conditions

In the winter hair weaken, having deficiency of moisture and vitamins, become dim, are quickly soiled at roots. Certainly, it is very important to recover such hair health and to provide them vitamin care. In the winter in this case nutritious masks can help.

If your hair are already strongly injured, then before use of the restoring nutritious masks it is necessary to visit hairdressing salon. Ask the hairdresser to save hairstyle from the splitting ends. It is enough to shear several millimeters to leave length former and to give to hair accurate look.

The advantage of house masks will be shown fully if to combine them with natural shampoos of own preparation. For example, it can be the egg yolks mixed with grass broths: urticaceous, lime, camomile, mint, from flowers of dandelion, rose-petals or sage.

1. Nutritious mask for hair from eggs and carrots.

Separate 2 yolks and well shake up fork. Add 2 tablespoons of grated carrots or its juice and 15 ml of nut or olive oil. Thoroughly impregnate with the received structure curls, paying attention to both the ends, and zone at roots. Cover hair with oil-cloth package and put on warm cap. In such look stay 45 minutes, wash out hair with shampoo two times, and then herb infusion. 2. Pumpkin mask for the weakened hair. From vegetable wring out juice or make pumpkin puree by means of the blender. Mix with it egg yolk, two spoons of oil of olive and ampoule of vitamin A (it can be replaced with juice of crude carrots). Make 40-minute mask, having densely wrapped up hair. The mask enriched with provitamin A and minerals will favorably work on structure of curls, will saturate cores and follicles with nutrients, will give beautiful shade to all hairstyle. 3. The feeding mask with vegetable oils. Mix cedar, burdock, almond and castoric oils, having taken on 1 spoon of each look. It is possible to enrich structure with several drops of Ayevit acquired in drugstore. Plan the long procedure — from 1 to 2 hours it is necessary to hold useful mix on hair. Wash away grass shampoo. 4. Honey and onions mask for beautiful and healthy hair. Make juicy gruel of napiform bulb. Add flower honey in the ratio 1:4. Rub weight in roots, smear on all head of hear, wait for 30 minutes and wash out. Finally apply on hair broth from birch leaves or flowers of camomile. Such mask not only feeds hair follicles, but also stimulates their vital activity — curls grow quicker, their force and fortress increases.

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