Oil from wrinkles under eyes

Oil from wrinkles under eyes

Woman's face care includes fight against wrinkles – premature or age, not appeared yet or already available. First of all wrinkles appear on lower eyelids. Usual eye cream gives only temporary effect of "goose pads", and house cosmetics on the basis of natural vegetable and essential oils can create miracle.

Store eye cream often contains components of animal origin which give fast effect. But when changing means of wrinkle can appear again and the person will look even it worse, than before application of product. Therefore at early stages of formation of "goose pads" it is recommended to apply vegetable and essential oils.

Vegetable oils and ethers do not cause accustoming, but can provoke allergy. Therefore before their application it is necessary to carry out the test.

Natural high-quality oil (not synthetic analog) is capable to save you from mimic wrinkles completely. It will make age wrinkles less noticeable and also will prevent their further deepening.

Having included mixes of oils in face care, you will be able to maintain without effort water balance of skin, to increase its barrier functions and to suspend process of loss of elasticity.

Mix of vegetable oils with ethers can be used not only for smoothing of "goose pads", but also for fight against wrinkles on forehead and around lips. It is possible to replace with oils temporarily eye cream or to apply them in tandem with the store moistening means.

You should not drip essential oils in ready cream – ethers deeply get into blood, pushing in deep layers of skin all components of means, including, not too useful.

For light mix take oil of dogrose and sesame oil in equal shares. Such structure is relevant at already outlined "goose pads" and also for their prevention. For mix of deep action it is required to you: jojoba oil, avocado and germs of wheat - on 15 ml. It is necessary to add essential oil of pink tree (4 drops) and incense oil (3 drops) to the received structure or 7 drops of some one ether. The following mix from wrinkles under eyes is prepared from peach oil (30 ml) and two ethers – lemon (2 drops) and ylang-ylang (3 drops). It is the recipe it is necessary to use for eyelid skin with care, checking reaction one day before drawing on elbow bend. In the absence of allergy, it is necessary to apply mix on malar stone, without approaching eyes. Deep wrinkles in corners of eyes can be smoothed by means of the following mix. Kindle 15 g of cocoa butter on water bath. Connect substance to sea-buckthorn oil (10 ml) and oil solution of tocopherol (5 drops). Carefully mix. Then pour in 15 ml of pink water in mix. Once again stir and you apply only on "goose pads" far away from mucous membrane of eyes.

Any mix from oils needs to be stored in the dark dry cool place, its modulation in glass capacity.

All mixes are used locally, that is applied directly on wrinkles. Substance is driven in with fingertips on malar bone from external corner of eye to internal. It is better to carry out the procedure for the night. Though at deep wrinkles it is possible to repeat action 1-2 times for day. After putting oil it is necessary to wait 15-20 minutes, and then to remove surplus napkin from rice paper. The course of disposal of wrinkles can borrow from several weeks to several months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team