Oil patchouli: unique properties, application

Oil patchouli: unique properties, application

oil patchouli is part of various medications and branded cosmetics. This oil has set of useful properties thanks to which is popular also with admirers of house cosmetology.

Often essential oil patchouli is used in aromatherapy. Its smell reminds mix from aroma of the Indian spices and light smoke of autumn fire. It is necessary to tell, not everything like this aroma, but indifferent it does not leave anybody as has the strong memorable character.

Essential oil patchouli most often is present at structure of perfume for men though recently producers of perfumery began to use it for production of viscous, tart, but soft female aromas. Toilet water with oil patchouli will be pleasant to lovers of spicy and sharp fragrance.

In cosmetology this ingredient is used very often. It is added to care products for skin of any type, properties of essential oil patchouli are really unique. At oily skin it will help to normalize activity of sebaceous glands, at dry – to get rid of importunate peeling, and at sensitive skin – to remove irritation and to reduce inflammations.

Addition of couple of drops of oil in any means for hair care will help to get rid of dandruff and to make hair stronger, to present them healthy natural gloss. It is also possible to drip few times oil patchouli in 10 ml of any cream for the person and body, thereby having accelerated achievement of desirable effect. Especially often cosmetologists recommend to use oil patchouli for mature skin care, it is capable to stimulate regeneration processes, to eliminate age reddenings. Also it has lifting effect and extremely favorably influences problem skin. Moreover, it can save from manifestations of allergy and from fungal defeats.

Patchouli recommends to inhale fragrant oil at various nervous breakdowns. It allows to minimize consequences of stresses and tension.

Essential oil patchouli will help to get rid of hated cellulitis also. Several drops added to cream or body lotion will tighten skin, will make it fresher and elastic that will help to bring body into form after sharp weight loss. By the way, oil patchouli can also help to get into condition breast, for this purpose it is regularly necessary to carry out massage, adding to usual massage oil a little radio at the rate of 6-8 drops on 10 ml. And bathtubs with oil patchouli are still effective. 5-6 drops are the share of full bathtub.

As essential oil patchouli possesses antimicrobial and antifungal action, it is recommended to use in intimate hygiene.

Oil patchouli is also widely applied in traditional medicine as effective remedy to treatment of purulent wounds, scratches, cracks on skin, dermatosis and rashes of herpetic and allergic origin. Also it is capable to smooth hems and to promote disappearance of traces of acne rashes on face skin. Before use of oil patchouli it is the best of all to consult with the doctor. There is opinion that it can be added to honey or jam with the therapeutic purposes, but it is not enough – no more drop.

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