Oily skin of the person: correct and careful leaving

Oily skin of the person: correct and careful leaving

Any person is not similar to another, but everyone is in own way beautiful if it is correct to look after skin. The special care is demanded by oily skin.

Owners of oily skin want to wash as often as possible, but using usual soap, it is easy to overdry it. If the hygiene is insufficient, then the excess of skin fat and the keratosic cages will clog up pores that can cause inflammation. It will be more correct to adhere to golden mean in total

1. It is not recommended to wash hot water more often than once a week, for example in "bathing day". Hot water can strengthen work of sebaceous glands at the expense of what time extends. After acceptance of the hot weakening bathtub it is recommended to be rinsed with cool water. It will raise skin tone, "will calm" sebaceous glands and will narrow pores.

2. In other days it is better to wash cold water.

3. As cosmetics specialized means best of all will be suitable for washing. It is also possible to use infusions of camomile, calendula and St. John's wort (1 teaspoon of grass is filled in with boiled water (1 glass), to cover, use after cooling). These herbs possess antiseptic action and do not allow to breed to pathogenic bacteria.

4. It will be useful during washing facial massage by soft brush. Such procedure will accelerate current of blood, cages will receive more food. By means of small amount of the cleaning means the slight circular motions mass all surface of face. After massage also to rinse face with cold water.

5. Oily skin after washing needs to be moisturized. The lack of moisture stimulates sebaceous glands to the strengthened work. For moistening it is convenient to use low-fat creams, but if there is free time, then it is possible to use also house masks. There is mass of recipes.

For example, mask from banana pulp with honey and juice of orange. Skin will receive the whole set of vitamins, and thanks to antiseptic properties of honey the inflammation will decrease. The mask is put on face for 15-20 minutes, at this time it is better to relax and think of something pleasant. To slow down drying of weight and to delay it on face, it is possible to use piece of gauze with cuts for eyes and nose. It is better to wash away mask cool water. 6. Also applied oil to skin, moist after washing, will keep necessary moisture. Small amount of oil is rubbed by easy movements in skin, surplus needs to be got wet with napkin.   

Owners of oily skin need to refuse consumption of large number fat, flour, sweet, salty, spicy. It does not mean that it is necessary to eat one porridge. It means that it is possible to eat everything what is wanted, but in reasonable quantities. And still the more in diet will be fruit, the better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team