Ointment of "Holes": instruction for application

Ointment of "Holes": instruction for application

Acne rash in itself unpleasant phenomenon. And if it is followed by joining of hypodermic tick and develops into demodicosis, just right to sound the alarm. But you should not panic. From this trouble the use of ointment of "Holes" for people will help though the product and is on sale in veterinary drugstore.


1. In special cases ointment of "Holes" can life is appointed for treatment of the person. But without consultation with the doctor it is not recommended to use means. Besides, it is better to take the recipe that in drugstore have prepared ointment individually from the dermatologist.

2. Before initiation of treatment the instruction for use of ointment of "Holes" has to be studied from cover to cover. The wrong application of product at dermatitis, eczema or trichophytosis can result in side effects.

3. To understand how to use ointment of "Holes" to people, it is necessary to study its structure attentively. Some components are completely safe for the person and are applied in some medical emulsions. For example, widely known salicylic acid promotes dehumidification of inflammations. And by means of zinc oxide, tar and sulfur, wounds on the surface of skin both at animals, and at people are healed. The vaseline and lanolin which are present at composition of ointment protect epidermis from irritation. Concerns are caused only by turpentine and coal besfenolny kreoline, but in moderate quantities and these ingredients are harmless.

4. Advantages of ointment of "Holes" to the person in its high knitting and antiseptic properties directed to extermination of psoroptoidny and sarkoptoidny ticks. These parasites cause mange and trichophytosis. Use of ointment of "Holes" for people does not threaten with irritation of skin and hypersensibility to medicine components. Naturally, in the absence of allergy on any of them.

5. So, detailed instruction for use of ointment of "Holes". At first it is necessary to clean face and to disinfect skin calendula tincture. Then to distribute substance on all surface of face thin layer, slightly rubbing. It is better to do it by the special pallet or cotton pad. After that it is necessary to sustain 1 hour.

6. Upon termination of the procedure it is necessary to remove residues of ointment usual dry with napkins, without washing away water. Going to bed, it is worth laying pillow something not to soil pillowcase. All night long skin pores will be closed and the tick will have no access to oxygen.

7. It is necessary to wash tar soap in the morning. It is not recommended to apply cream or tone means. In general for the period of treatment it is worth refusing cosmetics use. To apply ointment every other day, symptoms of presence at skin of tick will not disappear yet.

8. There is also other way which will prompt how to use ointment of "Holes" to people. Preparation of skin and drawing remain the same. And here time of session fluctuates of 15 minutes till 2 o'clock. It is necessary to add daily on quarter of hour, will not reach the maximum time yet. Then again to reduce interval. All course will take 15 days.

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