Olive oil in house cosmetics

Olive oil in house cosmetics

Olive oil can be considered the most ancient cosmetic as it was used for skin care in Ancient Egypt and Hellas. There is no wonder: oil from olive fruits richly monounsaturated fatty acids and also vitamins A and E, necessary for regeneration of cells of skin and all organism.

This procedure can be carried out before going to bed. Warm oil on water bath. Wet cotton pad in hot water, wring out and gain on it small amount of warm oil. Wipe face, neck and zone of decollete on massage lines. Change disks in process of pollution. Thus it is possible to remove cosmetics or just to purify leather from the dirt which has gathered in day. 10-15 minutes later wash cool broth of curative herbs (camomiles, calendulas, sage, etc.) and put mask or nutritious cream on face.

Well the srub on the basis of olive oil purifies skin. Mix oil and oat flakes in equal parts (flakes can be replaced with wheat bran). Carefully with circular motions wipe skin with this mix of 3-5 minutes, then wash cool water.

Mix of any fresh vegetables and fruit with olive oil well will be suitable for skin nourishment. If you have dry skin, it is possible to use banana, apricots, melon, persimmon. Raspberry, red and blackcurrant, apples, grapes will be suitable for food of normal and oily skin. Mash fruit and berries and add equal amount of warm olive oil, apply mix to the cleaned skin for 20-25 minutes, then wash away warm water.

In the flying skin is exposed to the injuring influence of ultraviolet rays, dust and hot dry air. To soften skin and to get rid of suntan, mix fresh cottage cheese, olive oil and carrot juice in equal quantities. This mask cannot be done just before exit to the sun since the vitamin A which is contained in carrot juice under the influence of the sun can give to skin reddish shade.

Moisten in warm oil of fingertip and carefully apply it to skin around eyes, in 15-20 minutes remove surplus by means of tissue. Olive oil helps to keep elasticity of skin and interferes with formation of wrinkles.

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