On what days are cut

On what days are cut

Hairstyle of hair — the whole ritual which bears in itself(himself) certain sense. Not for nothing people who want to change life are recommended to begin with change of hairstyle. For this reason it is so important to calculate correctly favorable days for hairstyle.

Unsuccessful days

First of all, it is necessary to talk about days when it is impossible to be cut. Very much change of their length in days of solar and lunar eclipses has negative effect on condition of hair, after the hairdresser's procedures these days the dense head of hear can strongly deteriorate. Many astrologers do not recommend to be cut in days when the Moon is in Cancer or Fishes, hair begin to drop out after that, badly grow, lose splendor and gloss.

9.15, 23 and 29 days of lunar cycle too badly are suitable for hairstyle as these days in general are considered as very unsuccessful, in the people consider them devilish and do not recommend to begin anything new during these periods.

You should not cut hair on Sunday, it is just not the most favorable day for any manipulations with appearance and, respectively, with hair. After hairstyle in this day of the week the hair often become brittle and tarnish.

Time, suitable for hairstyle

According to national signs and councils of esotericists, it is necessary to be cut in days when the Moon is either in growth phase, or in completeness phase. Best of all for this purpose the 5,8,11,14,19,21 and 26 days of lunar cycle approach. Many astrologers recommend to be cut in days when the Moon is in constellations of the Maiden, Lev, Scales, the Capricorn or the Sagittarius. To learn in what constellation the satellite of Earth stays at present, it is possible on the specialized websites or by means of lunar calendars which can be bought in any bookstore. Most successful day of the week for arrangement of head of hear the Thursday is considered. Hair, cut this day, remarkably grow, look healthy and strong. Besides, it is considered that the hairstyle on Thursday brings vital success and good luck. If you want to get rid of negative, be cut on Monday. Change of appearance on Tuesday - great way of fight against depression. On Wednesday or Friday it is necessary to be cut if you had had thirst of travel and in general changes. Certainly, it is not always possible to combine the necessary lunar day, the corresponding position of the moon, day of the week and working hours of the master. If your hairdresser can accept you only in day, especially unsuccessful for hairstyle, try not to change in this case the appearance cardinally, be limited to laying, straightening of tips of hair, highlighting and other important, but not global procedures. To avoid similar discrepancies of schedules of work of the master and unsuccessful lunar days, register in reception in advance. Usually it allows to solve similar problems.

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