Ozonoterapiya as way of face rejuvenation

Ozonoterapiya as way of face rejuvenation

Properties of ozone are studied throughout long times. At the moment this gas is widely applied in nonconventional medicine and is the main component of such way of rejuvenation of skin as ozonoterapiya. Ozone is capable to normalize blood circulation and process of fibrillation, to expand vessels and to restore oxygen transport.

Features and types of ozonoterapiya

There is set of types of ozrnoterapiya, each of which has the features and indications to application. Rejuvenation of face skin, as a rule, is carried out by method of injections, drawings on integuments of special mixes which part ozone and also by the rejuvenating appliques is.

By means of ozone, appliques and compresses are considered as the most painless ways of rejuvenation of face skin. Surgical impact on integuments in this case is absent completely. Leather is processed by special structures thanks to which small wrinkles are smoothed, and the elasticity and elasticity is restored.

At inhalation, ozone can cause intoxication. However in ozonoterapiya this gas is used not in pure form and entered only by means of special devices thanks to what does not make harmful effects on organism.

The injection method of ozonoterapiya – the procedure quite difficult is also followed by certain rehabilitation course. Before operation the problem zones of skin are processed by the anesthetizing medicines. Then the special structure on the basis of ozone is entered into epidermis by means of set of the needles located on ozonizer nozzle. In spite of the fact that the ozonoterapiya is always followed by preliminary input of the anesthetizing medicines, this procedure painless to call extremely difficult. Ozone promptly spreads on all layers of epidermis that causes unpleasant or even painful feelings. Besides, after operation, as a rule, for several days on face puffiness remains, and the processed sites of skin can differ in whitish shade. The similar effect passes completely on the expiration of two-three days. Rejuvenation of skin by means of ozonoterapiya can be carried out as single operation, and to be carried out in a complex. The main criterion in this case is extent of aging of integuments. After holding sessions of ozonoterapiya, external changes of skin are observed practically at once – mimic wrinkles disappear, there is elasticity and the complexion changes. Skin looks healthy and smooth.

By means of ozonoterapiya it is possible not only to slow down skin aging process, but also to get rid of set of defects – pimples, eels, acne, scars and hems.

Indications and contraindications of ozonoterapiya

Rejuvenation of face skin is recommended to be carried out only in the presence of the corresponding indications. Ozonoterapiya in this case is not exception. Oxygen procedures are appointed, as a rule, with the first signs of aging of skin – hypostases, flabbiness, appearance of mimic and small wrinkles, obvisaniye, pigmentation and fat deposits. Pay attention that in the presence of some factors any experienced expert will not appoint ozonoterapiya. Diabetes, epilepsy, availability of diseases of endocrine system and oncological diseases in this case belong to contraindications, for example. Besides, at some people the individual intolerance of ozone can be observed therefore inspection should be undergone surely. Otherwise instead of skin rejuvenation you receive serious problems with health.

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