Paraffin, cosmetic procedures

Paraffin, cosmetic procedures

Paraffin - the chemical wax-like substance used in different fields of activity of the person. Receive paraffin at oil distillation as one of 3000 collateral substances. It is mix of several hydrocarbons of firm state.


1. On color scale paraffin can meet from purely white to yellowish shade. Color is exponent of purification of substance. Temperature of melting of paraffin fluctuates from 45-60 °C. The purest paraffin uses for impregnation of food paper, for production of cosmetics, pharmaceutics. Cover with it tanks which in consequence use in the food industry as container. Paraffin of smaller cleaning applies to production of candles, matches, goods of household purpose, in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Widely paraffin is used in medicine. It is additive in various ointments, suspensions, it is used in parafinolecheniya.

2. As cosmetic procedures paraffin began to be used in the 19th century. Presently paraffin masks can be carried out independently. For this purpose it is better to choose paraffin in drugstores. Masks from paraffin are suitable for any types of skin. It is important to kindle correctly paraffin, it is better on water bath. The place on body where will be is put mask from paraffin, is not humidified at all.

3. The melted oil product have on skin melted, warm. Layers put gradually, they warm skin. Cooling down, paraffin compresses in volume a little. Such mask allows not only to warm up skin, but also to strengthen it, to tighten. Paraffin procedures do not burn skin, and only superficially heat. Vessels at such masks do not extend that distinguishes this influence of paraffin from other thermal procedures.

4. Except the listed influences the paraffin procedures promote recovery of water balance of skin. Are prevention of emergence of extensions and the second chin. The integument after mask is softened, various consolidations resolve, skin traffic improve.

5. Carrying out paraffin procedures independently, follow certain rules. Never you apply liquid paraffin to skin in eyes, mouth and nostrils. Layers have to lay down exactly, for this purpose use brush. Stack gauze layer on each stiffened layer. Thickness of mask can be brought to 8 mm. You carry out by brush with paraffin strictly on massage lines of the person, begin with chin, finish drawing mask on front part of the face.

6. In 20 minutes unmask, carry out it accurately by means of cosmetic shovel. After mask process leather lotion or suitable cream.

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