Peeling for the person: types and mechanisms of action

Peeling for the person: types and mechanisms of action

Face skin care - one of the most important elements in care for the appearance. Today there are very many various cosmetic procedures based on various technologies and means. Whether but all from them are safe and render the necessary effect?

Purpose of peeling – elimination of the upper layer of the skin. As result, it is possible to receive the updated face which will give the strong rejuvenating effect to face skin. But functions of peeling do not come to an end on it. Any kind of peeling anyway injures face skin, but it is not minus. After the procedure the skin will aim to recover all damaged cages. At the same time the set of the useful enzymes which are responsible for youth will begin to be produced. As a result, after several receptions, wrinkles will begin to be smoothed.

Mechanical peeling

It is one of the most widespread types of peeling. It is based on usual massaging of face skin. Particles and dead sites of skin begin to be scratched out, and the only layer will be mentioned. The mechanical peeling is usually used in house conditions. For such a case several types of srubs have been thought up, some of them have cream consistence, and some, on the contrary, comprise stones of any berries.

Chemical peelings

This procedure practically differs in nothing from above. The only enormous difference is that the structure gets much more deeply into skin. Acid usually is part of such peelings.

You should not be afraid of terrible consequences because their risk is brought to naught. The only thing on what cosmetologists do not give guarantee – deep peeling. Because the epidermis layer is touched, skin will have to be recovered within one week after the procedure.

Laser peelings

By means of the laser it is possible to bring excess moisture out of skin pores. After certain time it is necessary to take away the appeared dry skin. Depth of penetration of the laser is easily regulated by the cosmetologist. For this reason it is great choice in comparison with previous.

At early age it is possible to manage also house peeling, without addressing cosmetologists. But with age the need in use of "stronger" peelings appears.

It is necessary to remember that it is not necessary to be overzealous in personal care and to do everything intelligently. If the woman has any problems with health, then it is better to refuse holding similar procedures. Health - not the only indicator because of which it is not recommended to carry out peeling. Bearing the child or in time feeding of the baby breast, holding any cosmetic procedures is strictly forbidden.

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