Peeling of body in house conditions

Peeling of body in house conditions

Many know - to receive equal suntan, smooth skin is required. For this reason it is recommended to delete regularly died-off cages. Perhaps, many mistakenly believe that this procedure can qualitatively be performed only in salon. But actually it absolutely not so! There are 3 ways of skin exfoliation some of which will not even demand from you financial investments.

1-2 times a week are recommended to carry out the procedure of peeling.

Body scrubs

The micro parts which are contained in srubs do skin smooth and equal. Not the problem to buy these goods in shop. When choosing srub try to find means which part the moisturizing ingredients, and such chemicals as alpha hydroxyacids are. And if you like to do cosmetics independently, then you should pay attention not several simple recipes:

  • Srub from coffee. Mix the dried lavender with coffee and sugar. As basis it is possible to use any shower gel or natural nutritious oil. Such srub will faultlessly peel your skin and will present it tart aroma.
  • Srub from salt. Will suit owners of oily skin. Mix lemon juice, salt and small amount of oil for body. Apply on body with massage movements.
  • Srub from strawberry. At the beginning of summer, strawberry will be the best self-made ingredient for srub. It is necessary to crush only couple of berries and to mix them with honey.

Grinding by brush

Such way will not approach very dry skin as is quite injuring. But for other types of skin it will be simply irreplaceable. Brush for such procedure have to be soft, from natural bristle. Though there are even special electric. It is necessary to be pounded after acceptance of shower. Besides peeling , thus, you improve blood circulation.

Peeling towel

One more method of the peeling which is not demanding expenses is grinding by terry towel. Such way will suit even to sensitive skin, it is possible to use it both in combination with the cleaning products, and without additional resources.

Wet towel in hot water, at will put the cleaning means and massage movements walk on all surface of body. Take shower and put nutritious means.

Finally it is worth noticing that one of main rules of peeling is use of the moistening means on completion of the procedure. For this purpose perfectly various natural oils will approach (shi, cocoa and so forth).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team