Peeling of house production

Peeling of house production

Usually we use ready srubs. But the parts which are contained in them sometimes are larger or more sharply, than it is necessary for our skin, and then after peeling skin it is necessary to treat. But it is easy to prepare srub for peeling. Today we bring to your attention several recipes of the sparing peelings for house production which will be suitable even for thin and sensitive skin.

1. The HOLLYWOOD CLEANING of the Hollywood star use for peeling solution of chloride calcium (indispensable condition — lack of the inflamed sites on skin). Put solution of chloride calcium which is sold in drugstore (5- or 10%) on clean dry face, wait until dries, put the second layer and again let's dry. It is possible to put from 3 to 7 layers. Then soap hands soft soap and, easily massing skin, skatyvayta film. Calcium chloride interacts with soap, forming insoluble calcic salt which rolls down from skin, in passing taking part of upper layer of keratinaceous scales.

2. The PEELING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Add to milk for skin clarification essential oils: on 1 drop of oil of cinnamon, thyme, lavender and carnation. Put mix on face as mask, leave on skin for 5 minutes, and then pound with slight circular motions on massage lines. Wash and blot face.

3. The SIMPLEST PEELING Put 4 tablets of aspirin in the socket, add boiled water on droplet and mix until at you gruel turns out. Rinse face with water and apply with thin layer on it the received gruel. In 5-10 minutes wash away srub warm water. You will feel at once what smooth became skin. Such peeling can be done at first 1-2 times a week, and then once a week. It is possible to add 0.5 h spoon of honey (if you do not have on it allergy) to aspirinovy gruel, to apply to skin, to allow to dry up, and then moist fingers slightly to massage face on massage lines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team