Peeling — pledge of beautiful face skin

Peeling — pledge of beautiful face skin

Today there is large number of the various cosmetic manipulations helping face skin to remain young and attractive. Among them, the most demanded and effective, without exaggeration, can call peeling. Peeling is removal from the surface of skin of the died-off cages preventing regeneration. Holding this procedure will help to get rid of wrinkles, acne rash, various inflammations and to rejuvenate skin.

In cosmetology there are several types of peeling which differ on way of impact on face skin.

 Mechanical peeling

Apply the special medicines containing abrasive microparticles to skin. By means of hands or special brushes, massage movements peel the keratosic layers of skin. The mechanical peeling can be done independently, in house conditions, without resorting to services of the cosmetologist.

Chemical peeling

The procedure consists in drawing on face skin of various solutions containing acid. Depending on problem which needs to be eliminated use various acids. For treatment of inflammations, it is better to use the acids possessing bactericidal action, for example salicylic or trichloroacetic.

Ultrasonic peeling

Purification of leather happens, thanks to impact on skin of ultrasonic waves. Prior to the procedure, leather needs to be processed special gel, for increase in conductivity of ultrasound.

Laser peeling

One of the most effective types of purification of leather. By means of the laser there is pointed elimination of problem. Depending on complexity of defect, time of influence and length of beam can change. Also, the beam possesses bactericidal action.

On extents of penetration, peeling it is accepted to subdivide into superficial, average and deep. The superficial peeling has practically no side effects, contraindications, and is widely applied in cosmetology.

At peeling of average degree, there is deeper penetration into skin layers. The procedure this painful, after its carrying out is required time for rehabilitation.

By efficiency, the deep peeling is comparable with plastic surgery. The effect remains up to two years. This procedure is carried out only in the conditions of medical institution, under observation of the qualified doctor.

The dermatologist will help to choose the type of cleaning suitable on way and extent of penetration.

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