Pencil for eyebrows: rules of use

Pencil for eyebrows: rules of use

Will help to make eyebrows accurate and well-groomed the pencil suitable on shade. Such cosmetic gives to eyebrows the form, masks shortcomings. Correctly picked up pencil is capable to create miracles, but for this purpose they need to use competently.

It is necessary to select pencil for eyebrows, being guided on tsvetotip appearance, first of all, by hair color. The black pencil will be suitable for owners of black, dark brown hair. The brown color can be used if curls chestnut, red, chestnut-colored. For blondes it is worth choosing pencil ashy-brown, gray, it is red - brown, beige shade.

To receive the most natural color of eyebrows, it is desirable to use for make-up pencil of two shades – one more dark, another is lighter. The dark shade is put at the beginning of eyebrows, and for the end of the line – light. When using pencil for eyebrows it is necessary to remember that its shade has to match the flowers used in make-up of eyes. It is allowed that the pencil for eyebrows was one tone more dark.

The pencil for eyebrows needs to be carried always with itself in make-up bag to correct make-up. It is possible to grease with only one movement paint even if means waterproof.

If hair are much lighter than eyebrows, color of pencil has to be intermediate. That is, it is average shade between color of curls and eyebrows. For example, if hair black, and eyebrows – brown, the pencil for them has to be dark brown.

The make-up will be effective if to apply exclusively special pencil to eyebrows, but not pencil for eyes, lips. The difference of these products will consist not only in color scale, but also consistence. Pencil for eyebrows traditionally firmer. That the line was accurate, it is possible to put before putting cosmetics pencil in the freezer for couple of minutes. It will help it to harden in addition. The line of eyebrows will be beautiful and distinguished if the pencil is sharply ground. At portrayal of hairs it is not necessary to press on slate pencil, so paint can be greased or lay down thick layer. It is impossible to draw the line one movement – eyebrows will look unnaturally. To achieve optimum result, it is necessary to put pencil on the necessary site with strokes. It is necessary to trace empty intervals between hairs. And that the pencil laid down exactly, it is necessary to make up eyebrows after putting foundation and powder. It is one of the final stages of make-up.

Color of pencil has to be more dark than eyebrows no more than on two tones, the bigger contrast looks inharmoniously.

It is important to comb eyebrows special brush before coloring and after it – it will help to shade pencil, it will naturally look. It is necessary to apply pencil on eyebrows so that the outer edge of the line on level was not lower, than internal. Such mistake will make mimicry sad. Applicators will help to soften a little brightness of cosmetics and shape of eyebrows. Remember that it is impossible to make up eyebrows right after their correction. On the angry skin cosmetic will lay down unevenly and will bring additional discomfort. Buying pencils for eyebrows, try to choose only products, firm on structure. They are ideal for correction of form, soft pencils are required only when it is necessary to tint eyebrows slightly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team