Perfumery legends: the most known spirits

Perfumery legends: the most known spirits

Among the numerous aromas created by perfumers of the whole world there are such which exist not one decade, but to this day remain relevant. They by right are considered as fadeless classics, for many years remaining at the peak of popularity and advancing fashionable novelties on number of the sold bottles.

"Chanel No. 5" - "star" aroma

Perhaps, the spirits, most known in the world, are "Chanel No. 5". Their creator is famous Coco Chanel. She has chosen their aroma, having stopped on bottle which went at the fifth number among other bottles offered it by perfumers. Spirits of "Chanel No. 5" are distinguished by unusually womanly, seductive aroma which can dement any man. At different times Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Nichole Kidman and Audrey Tautou were person of this perfumery brand.

"Climat" - aroma of luxury

Spirits of "Climat" enjoyed wide popularity in the 70th years of the XX century. It is very warm, womanly, harmonious aroma based on notes of greens and freshness. Besides, "Climat" is considered smell of gloss and luxury. Today the known cosmetic Lancôme brand has reissued these spirits, having returned them former popularity.

"Shalimar" - aroma of the East

One more legendary aroma - "Shalimar". These are some of the first French perfume which aroma has been based on east notes. Mysterious, stupefying "Shalimar" is the most popular east aroma to this day.

"Poison" and "Opium" - aromas of temptation

"Poison" is extravagant, provocative aroma as if created to turn the owner into the fatal temptress. Not without reason the name of spirits means "poison". This effective, attractive, but at the same time a little frightening aroma has both opponents, and numerous supporters. One more of the most popular perfume for women carry the name "Opium". The aroma their intoxicating, stupefying completely corresponds to this name. These exotic and many-sided spirits are pleasant not to all at all, but true judges fall in love with them at once and forever.

"J’Adore" - aroma of femininity

"J’Adore" - the youngest of legendary aromas. These spirits became reflection of the new concept of femininity. Their sweet aroma differs in ease and refinement. Spirits of "J'Adore" became modern reading of perfumery classics. It is possible therefore they are in huge demand. Certainly, since issue of legendary aromas huge number of various spirits has appeared. Many fashionistas prefer to use only the latest perfumery novelties. And still perfumery legends remain unsurpassed to this day and over the years find everything new and new venerators.

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