Personal care after forty years: what it is impossible to do without

Personal care after forty years: what it is impossible to do without

In 40 years the woman can look very effectively and young. However you should not rely only on good genetics. With age skin, hair and figure demand more and more care. Develop own program for leaving and buy necessary cosmetics. In time the taken measures will help you to keep freshness and beauty for a long time.

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In 40 years, skin becomes a little thinner, time extends, the person looks less smooth. There are wrinkles, features become aggravated, the flush grows dull, skin accepts earthy shade. To cope with all problems with success correctly picked up cosmetics. If you for years use the same means, it is worth replacing them with new, more effective.

The main principle of care for skin - moistening. The skin deprived of moisture looks old irrespective of age. The creams of the last generation getting into deep skin layers will help to restore water and lipidic balance. It can be means with vegetable peptides, medicines with mineral salts, extracts of animal protein. It is desirable to use not only cream, but also serum. In set these means work especially effectively.

Divide creams into night and day. The medicines intended for day have to contain active humidifiers and sun-protection filters. It is quite good if these means possess lung lifting effect. If you do not love foundations, buy humidifier with shade of easy suntan, it will recover and will refresh skin, having pressed it "holiday" look. Special cases require the express serum which is instantly tightening skin and reducing time. One more suitable means - the day cream which is filling wrinkles and reducing enlarged pores. It contains silicones and creates effect of faultlessly smooth and silky skin. Night creams not only humidify, but also deeply recover skin, increasing its density and reducing wrinkles. Choose saturated means with natural oils, vitamins, cellular complexes and other strong components. For skin around eyes softer means are necessary. If you are inclined to hypostases, try soft creams with the caffeine and plant extracts removing swellings for about century.

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Make the program for personal care. It has to include daily morning and evening clarification, food and moistening and also weekly deep cleaning. Will help to remove the died-off cages and to refresh the person the soft acid peelings which are not injuring skin. Put small portion of means on face and neck, and in 20-30 minutes wash away peeling, slightly massaging face finger-tips. Also the night creams about peeling effect which are containing fruit, lactic or hyaluronic acid and not demanding washing off have very good effect. Time or two in week indulge face skin and necks house masks and wrappings. Do masks of fruit, vegetables, berries, eggs, yeast and dairy products. Perfectly also the warm oil wrappings restoring and nourishing face skin, necks and zones of decollete work. Oil masks are useful also to hair which can become more rare and dry with age.

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