Phenolic peeling. Councils for application

Phenolic peeling. Councils for application

The phenolic peeling allows to make skin younger, saves from hems. The main component skims epidermis. Most often it is used not on all face, and on certain sites. The effect of the procedure keeps several years.

The phenolic peeling allows to rejuvenate face skin without the address to plastic surgeons. It allows to remove wrinkles, to eliminate hems, to remove pigmental spots. Impact on face skin special mix is its cornerstone. In its structure there are phenol, oily base, liquid glycerin, purified water. Phenol possesses the expressed toxic action on cages. Because of it intercellular substance causes necrosis of fabrics with which enters interaction. Severe burn of skin on which place regeneration processes are started is in essence got. It promotes that skin becomes young and healthier.

This deep chemical means which is recommended to use only in cold season.

This procedure is carried out under observation of experts. To save the person from discomfort and painful feelings, demulcents are sometimes appointed, the procedure of local anesthesia is carried out. Cosmetologists with its help suggest to carry out correction of face form, chin, cheekbones and cheeks. But to reach the necessary effect not to the detriment of the organism, it is necessary to follow some advice.

The procedure is appointed to women aged 35 years in the presence of extensions, hems, wrinkles are more senior. It cannot be carried out to time of pregnancy, feeding by breast, herpes, heart troubles.

Carrying out such chemical peeling only in limited squares is considered safe. It allows to minimize side effects. Before and after the procedure the doctor appoints intake of medicines which will allow to remove inflammation, anesthetize and accelerate skin regeneration processes. Before the procedure the sites are processed by the fat-free soap with use of special sponge which removes dead cages. After that skin needs to be dried very well. The fact is that phenol is incompatible with water.

Then the mask is put on face. The term of its stay on fabric - from one day to one week. Doctors determine term depending on extent of impact of structure on skin, from condition of the patient and necessary result. During mask it is not recommended to go to the street as the person will have not esthetic appearance at this time. Today there are also such means which work practically at once. In this case for several days you cannot wash. Experts recommend not to visit sauna after peeling, not to use srubs, as much as possible to protect skin from any external influences. Reddenings after the procedure can remain on extent of several weeks. Pay attention that the person will need to be smeared further with creams with UV filters. But action of peeling will remain at least on 8 flyings. In conclusion it is necessary to tell that during the procedure and also some time before and after it, it is impossible to use some types of drugs. For example, usual aspirin is processed by the same cells of liver, as phenol. Presence at organism of this medicine will slow down phenol conclusion from organism. It can lead to poisoning. Therefore before visit of the procedure consists surely to consult with the doctor.

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