Pigmental spots: how to bleach face skin

Pigmental spots: how to bleach face skin

Because of influence of various external factors on integument there can be dark formations in the form of spots. For their elimination and bleaching of face skin it is possible to use the means made in house conditions. Use of natural ingredients is reasonable as much as possible to secure skin bleaching process by the hands.

At chemical bleaching often there is dehydration and damage of upper part of integument. Formation of dark stains on skin is caused by increase in content of melanin. 

Turmeric in powder

This ingredient will perfectly cope with problem of formation of dark stains on certain sites of skin. For obtaining the maximum effect connect turmeric powder in the amount of one teaspoon to small amount of juice of freshly squeezed lemon in volume of several drops and carefully stir before obtaining uniform pastelike consistence.

Apply paste with uniform layer by means of cotton pad on the problem site of skin and leave in such state for a period of five up to ten minutes. On completion of the procedure, wash away residues of paste by means of warm water. This procedure two three times for week before full removal of spots repeats. 

Juice of lime and tomatoes

This combination of ingredients has the amazing impact on integument of the person. At the expense of the antioxidant which is contained in tomatoes and large amount of acid in lime this mask is enemy No 1 from dark formations on skin. For creation of mask mix in equal proportions natural juice from tomatoes and fresh juice of lime. According to experts the visual effect of application of this means occurs almost instantly. This mask is applied daily, until obtaining desirable result.

Buttermilk extract

It is possible to call it safely the most popular natural ingredient applied to skin care. Everything that from you it will be required - to pour small amount of extract in convenient capacity, to moisten in it cotton pad and to wipe the formed spots. After that leave this extract on skin within ten fifteen minutes, and upon termination of this term wash skin with slightly warm water. This procedure two three times for week before total disappearance of dark stains is carried out.

Granulated sugar with olive oil

For preparation of this mask connect granulated sugar in the amount of one tablespoon and as much olive oil, having carefully mixed to uniform consistence. It is necessary to wipe with the turned-out weight by means of circular motions the place of formation of spot. Then leave mix for couple of minutes then just wash away water. This means has to cope perfectly about bleaching of face skin. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team