Pimples on bottom. How to get rid of discomfort?

Pimples on bottom. How to get rid of discomfort?

Nobody is insured from small troubles, such as appearance of pimples on body. They can act in any place, even on bottom. Red dots give discomfort and inconvenience and also give very not esthetic look.

First of all, it is necessary to find the prime cause of appearance of pimples on buttocks. It should be taken into account that skin of this area can be very sensitive. Therefore the low-quality structure of clothes or linen can provoke appearance of pimples. In this case it is worth preferring natural fabrics. Very fitting trousers skintight to body, or too warm clothes can also provoke unpleasant rashes. It is necessary to show consideration for the clothes more.

The sedentary life also causes many problems. It is impossible to sit long in one pose before numbness of legs. Blood supply of buttocks from it worsens, exchange processes become more slowly that threatens not only with appearance of pimples, but also cellulitis.

If pimples large, rare and painful, then it is worth drawing close attention to structure of food, its quality and balance. In daily diet there have to be vegetables, fruit, greens, fermented milk products and fish. Fried, salty, smoked food worsens condition of skin and causes such problems as appearance of pimples.

Daily shower with use of detergents with neutral RN-activity, regular change of underwear, use of the moisturizing and nutritious creams – all this promotes healthy condition of skin of buttocks and fast dehumidification of already jumped out pimples.

If rashes are followed by itch and reddening, then, most likely, is allergy. With such symptoms it is necessary to visit the dermatologist to be examined and reveal allergen.

At appearance of pimple there is big temptation to squeeze out it and to get rid of problem for only a few seconds. But when pressing the part of abscess can not come to light, and, on the contrary, will be driven deeply under skin or even into blood. Therefore, in couple of days several pimples near squeezed out can develop. The most widespread means in fight against pimples is iodine. It is only enough to moisten Q-tip and to process all rashes. It is necessary to do it several times a day, the desirable effect will not be reached yet. It is possible to put Chlorhexidin or Salicylic ointment in the same way. The similar procedure becomes course about 5 days – means is applied on pimples 3 times a day. One more means from purulent rashes – Baziron which is easily absorbed does not dry skin and effectively deals with the problem.

To try to dry heat-spots it is possible by means of toothpaste. It needs to be applied on rashes no more than for half an hour, and then to wash away carefully water.

For treatment of pimples on bottom it is possible to take grass baths. For this purpose the camomile, celandine, train will approach. Such method is useful also as prevention. With warm water it is necessary to add glass of broth to small basin and to lower in it buttocks for 10-15 minutes. After acceptance of such bath the body should be blotted with soft towel. Herbs well influence condition of skin and do not overdry problem sites. At appearance of pimples categorically it is impossible to use srubs or masks, the irritating brushes and basts, anti-cellulite and products that contain alcohol. It is worth refraining from solar bathtubs and visit of sunbed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team