Pimples on skin: how to remove reddening

Pimples on skin: how to remove reddening

Reddening at acne rash happens in several cases. If the heat-spot has inflamed when unsuccessful face peel has been carried out and in case the time was corked. Therefore and it is necessary to fight against reddening in different ways.

Before performing procedures for skin reddening removal, it is necessary to understand what has caused it. If reddening has arisen on the flat clean site of skin, most likely, there was obstruction of time, and the sack with skin fat was formed inside. It presses on epidermis, as has caused reddening. In this case it is necessary to make so that the time has revealed, and contents have come to light.

The following procedure is for this purpose made: face skin is processed by srub. Then the camomile or train is ready. The person keeps over steam ten-fifteen minutes. After that it is very accurately necessary to press to the place of reddening. If there was dense core - means everything is all right, obstruction managed to be liquidated. After that the place of reddening needs to be processed spirit lotion and to wipe face with ice piece - the redness will fall down at once.

Usual vasoconstrictive drops in nose help to struggle with redness. It is necessary to apply a little on cotton tampon and to put to the reddened site of skin.

If the person has reddened as a result of mechanical cleaning, then the complex of procedures will help to cope with it. First, it is necessary to impose the special cooling mask on skin. It is silicone slip which keeps in the fridge. Its internal party is greased with anti-inflammatory gel and put on face. If there is no such adaptation, it can be replaced with usual towel. But it quickly heats up from heat of body therefore it is better to put near himself plate with ice and from time to time to moisten with ice melt water towel. This procedure will cause blood outflow and also will help to narrow pores.

Masks on the basis of white clay perfectly restore natural complexion. They remove inflammation and well cope with reddenings.

In case the redness on skin has appeared as a result of emergence of inflammation of heat-spot, it will pass only when there is pus. Independently it is not recommended to squeeze out pimple, it is possible to infect face skin. It is better to wait until contents leave, and till this time to process the reddened place the disinfecting disinfectants. Perfectly camomile broth will approach - it renders the anti-inflammatory and bleaching effect. At any reddenings there are general recommendations which will help to make skin healthier. This use of the soft creams and emulsions with tea tree oil and also containing salicylic acid. They have the antibacterial and restoring effect. One of enough strong folk remedies of fight against reddenings is use of fluorine-containing paste. It dries the place of inflammation and effectively fights against bacteria. But you should not use paste constantly. It can be applied only as the emergency means when the redness needs to be removed urgently. The fact is that paste strongly dries skin, and at prolonged use the peeling can begin. The mask from talc and peroxide of hydrogen will help to remove redness. It needs to be applied pointwise, on places of inflammations and reddenings.

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