Pimples on the face: how to get rid of problem

Pimples on the face: how to get rid of problem

The problem with face skin well familiar to teenagers, quite often continues to disturb the people who have stepped 20-year age boundary. Everywhere the advertized medical tonics and lotions are not always capable to solve the tasks of restoration of the normal state of skin set for them. In this case try to use the national recipes of disposal of pimples providing use of the inexpensive ingredients available to everyone.


1. Make infusion from dry flowers of camomile, having filled in with their glass of boiled water and having boiled this mix within 5 minutes. Filter the broth which has infused within hour and wipe with it face in the morning and in the evening. Similar infusion can be made of dry flowers of elder or grass under the name inula and several times during the day to moisten with it pimples. Upon termination of the procedure the face needs to be greased with the moisturizing cream. Wipe sites of skin on which there are pimples with the juice which is wrung out from plantain leaves. Add several drops of juice of lemon to the juice received from parsley greens and daily wipe with it face.

2. Dry pimples, having greased them for the night with the toothpaste of white color containing herbal extracts. Dilute the powder received from 20 tablets of streptocide with aloe juice. Add 3 drops of iodine to the received dense weight. Process this ointment for the night pimples. Put soap on face in the morning and wash away it cool water. It is possible just to wipe with the aloe juice received from the cut-off leaves of plant which have lain in the fridge within week problem zones. Also it is recommended to impose on sites of skin with pimples gruel from the crushed leaves of the aloe which are filled in with glass of water and boiled within 2 minutes.

3. Make mask of blue clay, having added teaspoon of tincture of calendula and the same amount of lemon juice to powder tablespoon. Having filled in this mix with boiled water, achieve obtaining the consistence similar to sour cream. Musk needs to put on face even layer and to wash away cool water after 10 minutes.

4. Protect skin from irritation, having put vegetable oil or vaseline on face. Impose gruel from small polished garlic gloves on problem sites. From above put wet gauze towel wipes. In 15 minutes wash cool water. Make mask of tablespoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of juice of aloe, 4 drops of peroxide of hydrogen and iodine. In 15 minutes wash away it warm water.

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