Pimples on the face: reasons, treatment and prevention

Pimples on the face: reasons, treatment and prevention

Acne rash on face is problem which generally is popular among young people. Some of them are simply sure that it is all about the so-called hormonal storms occurring in their organism and consider that with age pimples will disappear.

Whether aged business?

Partly. Pimples really disappear with age, but not at all. There are people who constantly suffer from unpleasant rashes on face and on all body. Moreover, their problem not only does not disappear over time, but also is aggravated with bigger force.

Especially badly it is necessary those at whom the ill-fated pimples develop on face. For example, rashes on shoulders, on spin and even on breast is problem which it is possible if not to solve then to cover with clothes. To wind the person with rags it will not turn out.

Pimples on the face. Reasons

That the campaign to the solution of this problem was the most effective, it is necessary to find out for what reason there are pimples. Here the list of major factors on which the acne (acne disease) develops not only at teenagers, but also adults:

  • abuse of alcohol, smoking or narcotic substances;
  • teenage age with the accompanying hormonal activity;
  • use of the cosmetics which are not suitable this type of skin;
  • improper feeding (for example, consumption of the products containing GMO);
  • emergence of constant stressful situations.

The above-mentioned reasons are, perhaps, the main provokers of hated pimples on the face and all human body. Respectively, to minimize acne rash on face, it is necessary to change the way of life to the best.

Healthy nutrition – guarantee of health and beauty!

Diet of healthy nutrition – the first step on the way to health while improper feeding has direct impact on appearance of the person. The fact is that the substances which are contained in food after meal get to blood, being directly involved in metabolism. It, in turn, either does well to the person, or is shown in the form of constant pimples and, to tell the truth, in the form of new fat deposits on each side. But that's another story.

Visit to the doctor

If independently it is not possible to correct the menu, it is necessary to address the dietitian who will help to make individual food allowance. The doctor will advise to exclude (or to minimize) spicy and greasy food, sweets, alcohol and coffee. Who knows, maybe, it is the cause of acne on face.

Tranquility, only tranquility!

It is important to understand that any stressful situation does not pass completely for human body. In particular, it is reflected in skin: its color becomes unhealthy, there are wrinkles and eels. There is a lot of problems, and they arise constantly. Nevertheless, it is necessary to get it together and to calm down. The stress destroys not only nervous cages, but also the person!

It is necessary to treat problems with infinite optimism and, the most important, with healthy self-irony. You should not lose courage and "to bury" the sense of humour, the smile quite often is more effective "medicine" in fight against pimples, than various hormonal creams of the directed action.

To the cosmetologist behind council!

Girls and women are constantly surrounded by some tubes, jars, pencils, shadows. Perhaps, the cause of hated pimples on the face disappears in incorrectly picked up cosmetics. For the solution of this problem it is necessary to register to the cosmetologist. He will help to define type of skin and will pick up optimum cosmetics which will not do it fat, to clog up pores and, respectively, to cause allergic reaction in the form of pimples.

How still to get rid of acne rash on face?

  • It is necessary to accustom itself to wash in the morning without soap, and in the evening – with soap and with the special soft means which is not drying up skin.
  • Once a week it is necessary to use house face scrub. It can be got as in cosmetic department, and to find at itself in kitchen: excellent srub is ground coffee or soda. Before its drawing the face needs to be steamed out well. Means will allow the clogged-up pores to reveal, allowing it is easy to purify skin. If face skin is strongly inflamed, then it is necessary to forget about srub for a while.
  • It is necessary to drink as much as possible water (not sparkling water, not beer, not cocktails). The fact is that water brings various slags, products of disintegration and other toxins which are godlessly littering human body out of organism.
  • The teenage guys having acne disease need to have a shave to thicket. Edges of the safety razor are capable to injure the upper layer of the skin that leads to deleting of dirt and other savings and also opens time and saturates them with moisture.

A sound mind in a sound body!

Not for nothing say that the sound mind exists only in sound body. To get rid of pimples on the face, it is necessary to try to save itself from addictions (smoking, alcohol, improper feeding) or at least to minimize them. It is necessary to play whenever possible sports, for example, regular jogs in the fresh air, swimming, yoga.

What cannot be done in fight against pimples

It is impossible to squeeze out them! It is necessary to forget about it once and for all. Such radical ways of removal of acne on face and on body are fraught with risk of entering of additional infection under skin and in blood that can provoke more serious inflammations, emergence of hems and scars, and in certain cases and lethal outcome from blood poisoning.


Not to allow new acne rashes, it is regularly recommended to purge the skin at specialists cosmetologists. If there is desire to be engaged in it in house conditions, then it is necessary to do it accurately, observing all recommendations and, of course, sterility. Otherwise can happen so that only one heat-spot which is carelessly squeezed out at home will become the center enough serious problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team