Pimples wonderful medicine in house conditions

Pimples wonderful medicine in house conditions

Pimples or acne (to whom as it is simpler) is quite widespread problem and it is not so simple to cope with them... It is possible to spend the decent sum for expensive medicines and not to achieve any result, and it is possible to make by means of the make-shifts costing kopeks the skin beautiful! I will tell at once, means is tested on itself, it really brings amazing results - saves from hated pimples, spots and hems on skin literally in 1-2 weeks! Everything that is required to you - it is to come into drugstore and to visit wine and vodka department of supermarket.

It is required to you

  • - Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) - 5 tablets (the price is over 10 tab. apprx. 5 rubles);
  • - Levomitsetin - 5 tablets (the price is over 10 tab. apprx. 15 rubles);
  • - Streptocide - 2.5 bags (or 30 g if ointment is one whole tube) (the price - 50 rubles - bag, apprx. 75 rubles - tube);
  • - Boric acid - 1 teaspoon (the price for 1 bag - there will be enough 50 rubles, for 3 times);
  • - Vodka - 250 ml.


1. To pour vodka in the capacity in which then will conveniently blot cotton tamponchik. The container has to be with lid that nothing has evaporated and has not deteriorated.

2. To pound 5 tablets of aspirin and 5 tablets of levomitsetin to powdery state and to add to vodka, to stir.

3. There to add 2.5 bags of streptocide (or to squeeze out 1 tube of ointment) and 1 tsp of boric acid, to mix everything.

4. To close capacity cover and to allow to infuse day in the dry dark place.

5. To wipe face in the morning and in the evening with the cotton tampon moistened in this liquid. I will tell at once, means does not dry skin. Try and you will see great result in very fast time!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team