Plain oils for beauty and health

Plain oils for beauty and health

oils are known to mankind for a long time, and always on them there was special demand.

Sea-buckthorn oil

It is one of the most useful vegetable oils. The sea-buckthorn not in vain since ancient times is called the storeroom of health: on the brought benefit she is capable to compete even to ginseng. The sea-buckthorn - the champion on the content of vitamin E and ascorbic acid, any fruit crop in it will not be compared to it. Sea-buckthorn oil is effective at the most various problems: burns, frostbites, psoriasis and other skin diseases, erosion and ulcers of genitals, hemorrhoids.

It is possible to make sea-buckthorn oil in several ways. The most quality oil turns out if to prepare it so: to collect ripe fruits, to wash up, choose damaged, to dry. Then it is necessary to squeeze out juice of berries, to filter it and to put to be defended. After a while oil will rise to the surface from where it is collected. It is possible to store sea-buckthorn oil in the fridge no more than a year.

St. John's wort oil

All know that the St. John's wort possesses unique medical svoyyostvo. These properties in full pass also into the oil made on its basis. St. John's wort oil burns of any severity, abscesses, abscesses, wounds, stings of animals, inflammations and others the skin povrezhdeyoniya effectively treats.

For production of oil it is necessary to wash up, dry up, izmelyyochit, to fill in fresh flowers and leaves of St. John's wort (no more than 60% of height of plant) with any refined vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, linen, almond) in sootnoyosheniya 1:2 and to insist three weeks. To filter ready oil, having wrung out plant pieces. To store in densely closed glass jar in the cold place no more than a year.

Calendula oil

This oil is applied and as nayoruzhny means, and inside. Oil of calendula is shown at diseases of digestive tract and nervous system. But its most effective application - in kosyometologiya. This oil, besides fast healing of various wounds and other damages softens dry skin, without leaving greasy luster. Besides, oil of calendula helps to remove sosudiyosty reticulums.

It is very simple to prepare oil: it is necessary to collect calendula flowers, to slightly dry them and to put in clean glass jar (up to the top). Then in bank it is necessary to fill in the rastitelyyony oil heated to 60 degrees. Further the bank with flowers and oil needs to heat 1 hour on water bath then densely to close and remove to the parietal place for 4-5 days. Ready oil needs to be filtered. To store in the fridge no more than a year.

In the similar way it is possible to sdeyolat sagy, urticaceous, myatyony and other grass oils.

Lavender oil

This surprising oil has very pleasant smell therefore it is possible to use it in the cosmetic purposes without restrictions.

Besides, this oil primenyayotsya in confectionery promyshyolennost and also in the meditsiyena: inside at neurasthenia and outwardly for anesthesia at bone, muscular and articulate pains.

Also lavender oil isyopolzutsya in aromatherapy as the calming and obezyobolivayushchy means.

It normalizes seryodechny rhythm and snizhayot pressure, is beautiful detoksikant. Immunoyostimuliruyushchy and antistress properties of lavanyodovy oil are not less appreciated.

In cosmetology this oil is primeyonyat as omolazhiyovayushchy and regeneyoriruyushchy means. It is ideal for the sensitive, problem and injured skin care. For the purpose of aroma soyokhraneniye this oil is done only in the cold way: flowers and grass of lavender (2 tablespoons) are filled in with the refined olive or sunflower oil (200 ml), insist 1.5-2 months then filter, wrung out and spilled for storage on bottles from dark glass.

The main thing is not to go too far

When you begin priyomenyat oils, you pomyonit that does not recoyomendutsya beskonyotrolno and to constantly use them in the medical purposes. InoYogda is indiyovidualny nepereyonosimost, otdelyyony types of oil are not recommended to be isyopolzovat during pregnancy and at some zabolevayoniya.

Depending on amount of isyopolzuyemy oil the effect from kosmeyotichesky can pass into medical. If we apply oil to skin, then it is worth being limited to 5-7 drops. For aromayotichesky bathtubs 6-8 drops which are better for mixing with emulsifier there are enough (skin for bathtub, shower gel, moryosky salt). No more than 3-4 times a week no more than 15 minutes take bath. Water temperature regulates action for absorption by oil skin, 30-degree water will render toning deyyostviye, and 40-degree - uspokaivayuyoshchy. At addition in cream of 2-3 drops on 5 ml of oily base reach cosmetic effect, and 4-5 - leyochebny. Cosmetic massage poyotrebut 1-2 drops on 5 ml of oily base, and 4-5 drops will give medical effect. The aromatic pendant can be filled 1-2 kayoplyam, and hot inhalation will require about 10 drops.

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