Plasmolifting: for what this procedure is necessary?

Plasmolifting: for what this procedure is necessary?

What is "plasmolifting" and what this procedure can be dangerous by? Possibly all this only myths by which we are intimidated. Today there are so many modern technologies of rejuvenation, and plasmolifting to be at the peak of popularity. It is time to try this procedure and to learn, what is it.

What is "plasmolifting"? Plasmolifting not to belong to medicines on skin rejuvenation. It is considered that it is certain procedure, as mesotherapy. In this case to be entered blood of the patient into problem sites of skin. It happens to the help of injections in the form of prick. Such type of stimulation has been developed more than 150 flyings ago.

At that time only the autogemoterapiya has been open. Blood of the patient was entered into muscle. It strengthens the immune system, restarts exchange processes. But the problem is that together with blood hazardous substances also come to human body. Therefore it was necessary to refuse this method. Plasma began to be used not so long ago. This technology can be considered new. In difference from old method – autogemoterapiya, purify this blood for plasmolifting and leave only plasma. Plasma is enriched with platelets. It stimulates all processes and helps skin regeneration.

Many are misled by the name of the procedure. Plasmolifting is not procedure for face lifting. This process needs to be combined also with other technologies, for the best effect. The interesting facts about curative properties kroviyeshche considered for a long time shelter many diseases wonderful medicine. Chinese appreciated blood of teenagers, and Romans sucked blood of the killed gladiators. There is myth about Medea who did transfusion, and returned herself youth. People always perceived blood as treasure, and it not exaggeration. Resumption of blood influences youth. Everyone dreams to return himself years of youth and to rejuvenate the organism. Therefore plasmolifting began good option to rejuvenate the organism and to slow down aging processes. The statements of experts Cosmetologists claim that plasmolifting has no huge effect of lifting as many consider. Through this procedure it is possible to gain the tightening effect which promotes removal of excess liquid from under skin. Plasmolifting yields the fruits. This procedure has medicinal properties and has positive impact on problem skin of the person. It is powerful break in cosmetology. Experts claim that the quality of sore skin improves. But also it is possible not to wait for fast effect. This means for people, which against chemistry. The most natural way of rejuvenation – plasmolifting. The main ingredient – the patient's blood. Apply plasmolifting on problem skin and at defeat by acne rash. And also it is good at acne. After the procedure the complexion improves. The effect of introduction of blood remains for a long time.

Blood for plazmoliftingaglavny components of plasmolifting is blood of the patient. It the best biostimulant for organism. Blood promotes improvement of exchange processes and formation of new cages. Fibroblasts are cages which are under skin, and after additional plasma they begin to produce proteins strongly. It gives to skin of elasticity and youth. After blood introduction, additional elastin and collagen comes to organism. For the procedure about 10 ml take blood from the patient. Test tubes are processed by special substance, it does not allow blood to be turned, and at the same time also purifies plasma. Blood is divided into white and red part. "White" blood emerges, it is enriched with platelets. What it is possible to combine plasmolifting with? The procedure plasmolifting demands medical practice. And not in each salon can make this service. Most often plasmolifting is done with thermolysis. The thermolysis well deletes old layers of skin and brings up the person. And after that plasmolifting which treats skin enters. Introduction of blood strengthens regeneration process. There is nothing dangerous in this procedure. It is time to become younger. You do not need to take infinite number the drugs for rejuvenation. All you need is – your blood!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team