Pleasant smell from mouth. How to achieve it?

Pleasant smell from mouth. How to achieve it?

Unpleasant smell from mouth (halitosis) – not the just annoying trifle bringing certain discomfort. The bad "aroma" proceeding from the interlocutor has repellent effect. The favorable image of the person, its appeal, sexuality instantly fade. But to eliminate halitosis quite perhaps. It is necessary to stock up with patience only.

Practically at all people in the mornings breath does not differ in freshness. But it is enough to clean teeth, and everything is all right. After yesterday's feast, activated carbon, Smekta, "Festal" or Mezim help to eliminate unpleasant smell.

Constant unpleasant smell from mouth most often – strong indication of illness of the person.

If it remains from day a day, first of all it is necessary to visit the stomatologist. In 90% of cases the reason is in painful teeth or gums. It can be caries, gingivit or periodontal disease.

If the mouth is healthy, it is necessary to look for the reason together with the therapist. The halitosis can signal about inflammatory disease of gullet, stomach, intestines, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, gall bladder or liver, about endocrine frustration.

To the person subject to frequent colds, cold, it is necessary to seem to the ENT specialist. Many inflammatory diseases of nose, throat or ear are followed by stale breath. Especially chronic antritis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis, polyposes. Noticed also: the bad smell from mouth is characteristic of people who owing to professional duties should say much. Because of it they develop kserostomiya – insufficient production of saliva and dryness mucous mouth. Saliva also mechanically purifies it from the food remains, and destroys putrefactive bacteria. To strengthen its development, the thicket should drink water, is porridge. Besides, the unpleasant character to breath is given by some medicines, for example antibiotics. Hobby for one-sided monodiets for weight loss too quite often results in such side effect. Well and, of course, at all fresh breath is not promoted by smoking. How to improve smell of the breath? If any disease is the reason of unpleasant aroma, after its treatment it will disappear. But the freshness of breath needs to be maintained daily.

Regular oral cavity care – indispensable condition of stable freshness of breath.

And it is not enough to brush teeth in the mornings and to evenings, to rinse mouth after meal, to use toothpicks and tooth thread. It is daily necessary to remove night raid from language surface, since its root. This congestion of various bacteria, first of all putrefactive which create unpleasant smell. Recommend to perform such hygienic procedure often teaspoon. But toothbrushes which it is possible not only to brush teeth are issued, but also to clean language from raid. It is even better to use single sterile gauze napkins (16 x 14 cm). Besides, it is very useful to use conditioners for mouth. Their choice is big: Stomatidin, "Forest balm", "Ftorodent", Antitabak, Listerine, Colgate Plax, Lacalut active, President, etc. Cosmetic conditioners give to breath freshness, and medical strengthen gums, protect from caries and the gingivit, enrich tissues of teeth with fluorine. The most plain conditioner can be prepared quickly independently: it is enough to dissolve teaspoon of table salt in glass of warm water. Such solution too not bad deletes the food remains, dental plaque, and also washes away bacteria. The mouth is well cleaned if to eat carrots or apple. What to do with aromas of spicy products, dishes, alcoholic drinks? Classical folk remedy – fresh leaves of parsley, mint or tarragon. Often recommend to chew bay leaf, but its smell is pleasant to not everyone. Aromas of garlic and onions not bad are eliminated if to chew piece of root of celery or parsley. It is possible "to disguise" them, having chewed coffee bean or kernel of cardamom. The pleasant nut relish is impacted to breath by walnut pulp if to rub it gums. Chocolate, but only bitter, the truth for a while kills aromas. And here milk turns one undesirable smell into another, besides leaves sourish smack in mouth. But chewing gum was and remains the most universal remedy. From all variety of chewing gum it is better to use mint grades. The menthol which is their part allows to keep freshness of breath long.

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