Plucking out of eyebrows in house conditions

Plucking out of eyebrows in house conditions

Plucking out of eyebrows is the procedure meaning individual approach, the structure of the person at all variously so, and the shape of eyebrows has to be selected individually. Not always there is opportunity to address the expert, but to pick up shape of eyebrows and it is possible to correct them and in house conditions.

Well picked up shape of eyebrows can visually extend face or, on the contrary, make it wider. In total there are five main types characterizing shape of face: round, square, extended, oval and triangular. For each shape of face there is the, most suitable shape of eyebrows which will emphasize advantageous lines.

Owners of round face well suit the eyebrows pointed at tip with break - they visually extend face form.

The same form can be recommended to the girl with square face type. But there is small difference: the highest point of bend of eyebrow should be shifted or to the middle of eye, or is closer to its outer edge.

A little rounded off eyebrows are ideal for triangular face type. They will smooth some sharpness of lines. Owners of the extended face type can recommend direct eyebrows. At the expense of such form the person becomes visually slightly wider and gains softness of lines. The oval face type is considered ideal, but also it suits not all shapes of eyebrows. The girl of this kind needs the eyebrows pointed at the ends with soft bend. But sometimes it is quite difficult to identify face type independently. In this case it is necessary to use method for determining shape of eyebrows. It is very simple and only the ordinary pencil is necessary for its application. Having put it vertically to nose wing, it should be noted point in which it is crossed with eyebrow. It is the first line of future eyebrow – here it has to begin. Respectively, all hairs which are behind it that is are closer to nose bridge, it is necessary to remove.

To facilitate the procedure of storing of the necessary points, it is possible to replace ordinary pencil with cosmetic and it to note the necessary lines at once.

Second Line is defined similarly. It begins in the same place, at nose wing, but passes through external corner of eye. Here future eyebrow has to come to an end.

If the existing eyebrow is shorter ideal, it can be finished drawing pencil of suitable shade.

Third Line begins at nose wing too. But it has to pass through outer edge of iris of the eye of eye. The look at the same time has to be directed strictly directly. In the place of crossing of pencil with eyebrow there is the highest point on which there has to pass the bend. After definition of all points of future eyebrow it is possible to start its forming. Lighting during procedure has to be bright, and the tweezers should be processed previously alcohol. It is also necessary to wash previously, and to process the site of eyebrow the disinfecting lotion. Besides, the big mirror in which all person entirely would be well visible is necessary. Before plucking out of eyebrow it is necessary to comb, and hairs should be pulled out on one, having grasped them tweezers most close to root. Movements at the same time have to be directed on growth of hair. If there are fears that the procedure will be painful, it is possible to try to facilitate it. For example, it is possible to freeze the injured site of eyebrow ice piece from broth of sage or camomile. Or on the contrary, it is possible to make previously warm compress which will open time and will allow to delete hairs easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team