Pluses and minuses of hair extension

Pluses and minuses of hair extension

Extension hair allows to increase density and length of the. But behind them it is necessary to look after, be protected from salty water and the heated air correctly. And still it is necessary ready to be regular to go to correction.


  1. The procedure of hair extension still rather "young", but it already has managed to win incredible popularity at women. And both girls, and middle-aged ladies address to beauty shops. Not each woman has enough patience to grow long hair, and by building it is possible to become in several hours the happy owner of magnificent mane of any length. But this procedure has both pluses, and minuses.
  2. Of course, the most important plus is speed with which it is possible to get smart long hair. That is to raise them for years now there is no need. This procedure can sometimes be the only way from out connected with unsuccessful experiment of the hairdresser. Those who on the head have noticeable scars, burns and other damages resort to the procedure of building. Owners of thinning rare hair can also find way out, having increased them.
  3. Zone building gives opportunity to increase hair in any zone, whether it be bang or any other place. At the request of the client will do it hair with locks from feathers, rhinestone, artificial braids of the most various shade, etc. But at this procedure there is a lot of also shortcomings. First, it is contraindicated to the faces sore with vegetososudisty dystonia and cancer. It is impossible to increase hair to those who accept antibiotics and hormonal medicines and also have baldness and allopecia.
  4. Having increased hair, the woman will regularly have to be on their correction, and these are additional expenses. Besides now she should refuse trip to the sea and also visits of baths, saunas, etc. All this can affect condition of extension hair not in the best way. It is possible to sleep only with the hair braided to the spit. In whatever way to the woman have increased curls, she should be reconciled with many inconveniences of their carrying and to lose the, native hair.
  5. Building by means of metal clips and the "Hollywood" building is led to the fact that in occipital part of the head foreign objects are felt. They will create constant inconvenience, and metal clip-on earrings can cause appearance of itch and dandruff. Tape acapsular way – one of the safest and sparing, but also one of the most inefficient as it is easy to lose extension hair at the wrong leaving. Besides in this case it will be impossible to tint roots of hair and to carry hairstyle "horse tail".
  6. The horizontal braids sewn to own hair by needle and threads look quite kustarno, but it is safe for native hair. It is about building on tress hair. And here you will not call hot and cold ways of building safe. They strongly spoil structure of hair, doing them more fragile and weak. However a lot of things depend on qualification of the master. The more professionally the procedure will be performed, the it is more at the woman of chances not to face various problems of carrying alien hair. But even the most sparing way can lead to sad consequences if the nonprofessional gets down to business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team