Pluses and minuses of laser epilation

Pluses and minuses of laser epilation

The laser epilation is one of the most modern and effective methods of removal of undesirable hair. Let's consider all pluses and minuses of this unvarnished procedure.

First of all it is necessary to dispel the myth that the laser epilation saves from undesirable hair forever. It's not true, and the doctor will tell about it to you before the first procedure. Speed and the nature of growth of hair depends on genetic factors and on hormonal background, but, as a rule, after holding 8-10 procedures, it will be necessary to carry out removal of hair approximately time to half a year. Besides, hair can over again start growing with former force. 

But the fact that after the first procedure hairs become much thinner soft and rare — this is true. Besides, you will forget about problem of the grown hair and inflammations.

The Aleksandritovy laser is effective only for dark light skin hair as it reacts to melanin. If fair hair, then the aleksandritovy laser is waste of money. If skin swarty or suntanned — that is chance to get burn therefore the good doctor will never undertake it, and advises other way of epilation. In case of suntan, since stay in the sun there have to pass not less than two weeks and if suntan intensive, then is much more.

One more delusion widespread in advertizing articles that it is absolute without serious consequences. The laser kind of "burns out" hair therefore painless such procedure, of course, cannot be. On sensitive zones, such as deep bikini, sometimes apply the anesthetizing cream which needs to be applied for hour prior to procedure. But if pain threshold not really low, then it is possible to try to do without cream as pain is quite tolerant. After laser epilation usually there is practically no irritation, hypostasis which passes next day is in rare instances possible, but it is individual reaction of organism.

What occurs after epilation

If you think that you receive smooth skin without uniform hair on the same day, then, unfortunately, you are mistaken. The laser beam kind of burns out hair and destroys bulb, and after the procedure on the surface of skin there will be burned "stubs" which will drop out only 7-15 days later. Then about a month it is possible to enjoy smooth skin. It is important that the grown hairs cannot be shaved, pulled out tweezers or elektoepilyator. As a last resort it is possible to use depilatory cream. The first procedures should be carried out with break in 1.5-2 months. 

To laser epilation there is number of contraindications. For example, diabetes, some skin diseases, pregnancy and others. The laser epilation is considered safe, however, since the beginning of use of the laser has passed very few time with confidence to draw such conclusions. The doctor has to inform you on all contraindications and ask necessary questions. And, of course, this procedure needs to be undergone only in specialized medical salons on the high-quality equipment. 

Initially laser epilation was available to the little, but in connection with its wide circulation many medical centers offer considerable discounts. Besides, in the long term this type of epilation turns out even cheaper, than monthly depilation by wax in salon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team