Pluses and minuses of purchase of cosmetics from network sales managers

Pluses and minuses of purchase of cosmetics from network sales managers

at office, being in beauty shop, carrying out shopping or just walking on streets – each girl can face representatives (or as they I call myself, consultants) the companies - the network sales managers selling decorative cosmetics and skin care products. They approach with the simple question absolutely untied with their direct purpose – to sell. And somehow simply, imperceptibly, pass from this question to the main subject. Namely to suggest to try products of their company.

Data of the companies presently huge set, as well as consultants. And once, having hooked with them, having made concessions and having shown small weakness and yet having tried the offered goods, the consumer comes across hook of the selling assistant.

Relation of the buyer to the strategy of sales of network sales managers and quality of goods always miscellaneous. This question remains especially individual. But not to be vedoma in structure of network cosmetic business, it is necessary to understand the main advantages and shortcomings of this technology of sales and quality of products.

Undoubted plus of purchase of goods through the consultant yavlyaetsyavozmozhnost to find the maximum information and also opportunity to approve it on itself about product. Practically all sellers on the presentation of products have at themselves samplers of the most running positions from the range. That is purchase does not take place by the principle buy pig in a poke. Minus this way of sale – limitation of the choice. The seller offers only the trademark. And if the buyer flabby, then at him can arise thought: If on me have spent so much time, then I am obliged to buy something.

The following advantage – the buyer will be constantly informed on novelties in assortment. What the network of cosmetic supermarkets will not be able to afford. The girl who has at least once indulged herself and has bought at least one lipstick in the company - network sales manager will constantly get news in all possible ways. SMS, e-mail, leaflets in mailbox is small list of how the selling assistant will remind of himself. And this fact can be considered both is positive, and is negative.

Receiving discount – what can please more the young lady upon purchase?! Probably, only the size of this discount. Buying cosmetics in supermarket chains, the discount size, as a rule, does not exceed 15%. But at close cooperation with the personal consultant, the size of purchase discount can grow also to 35%. There is no negative side in it and, probably, will not be.

Further, provided that products of the company - network sales manager will satisfy completely needs of the buyer, connection of the consumer in network is possible. And then the buyer will pass into rank of that selling assistant who has placed him on these products. And, if to find for this business some time, then opportunities to receive privileges from network marketing will increase many times. The main thing is accurate to understand the desires and requirements and not to follow the tastes of the professional seller which consultants so everything the familiar network companies selling cosmetics are.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team