Popular and stylish hairstyles with pile on long hair

Popular and stylish hairstyles with pile on long hair

Pile – one of simple and effective hairstyles for long hair. In spite of the fact that many women do not love piles, referring to their affectation, however the correct equipment and infrequent use will allow to change sometimes the style without harm for hair.

Most of girls is concerned by problem that the effective and high pile begins to fall over time and does not keep long. On short and average hair, certainly, it is easier to do pile, and it will hold on longer. It is slightly longer necessary to tinker with the last. But nevertheless the main reason consists not in length of hair, and in inability to do it is true.

Before pile carefully wash up hair. Before starting creation of hairstyle, let's hair dry by means of the hair dryer or naturally.

For high pile choose hairbrush with thin and stupid teeths. If the pile is only necessary for you to fix basis of your hairstyle, then take hairbrush with close and sharp teeth. For giving to hair of splendor use hairbrush with wide long cloves. Hairbrush with the thin and long handle – great option as with it will easier divide hair into layers.

So, after you have dried up hair, well comb them. Then separate upper layer 2-2.5 cm thick. This layer does not need to be combed, it will close pile and will give to laying natural look. Further take each separated lock separately and begin to comb it, directing hairbrush from below-up, from tips to roots. Move very smoothly and accurately. If you do sharp movements, you not only will spoil hairstyle, but also do much harm to the hair enough. Mentioning as it is correct to comb hair, it is necessary to pay attention to the main mistake which is made by most of girls. This mistake consists in attempt to comb hair on all length at once. You should not do it. It is important to rise to roots gradually – at first have combed one site of hair, then have passed to the following, rising above and above. If you have long and thick hair, then you can not comb all locks, there will be enough also a few curls on the top. In order that the hairstyle has not settled for short period, record each combed lock by means of varnish. After you have combed all locks, take hairbrush with natural bristle or if you have no it, usual massazhka. Accurately comb hair back, only do not comb, otherwise all hairstyle will deteriorate. It is important to give the necessary form to your hairstyle. Cover ready pile with untouched upper locks. If to you to liking natural hairstyles, do not use varnish of superstrong fixing.

If you wish to include bang in hairstyle, then you should not do pile and on it. It can just be wound on hair curlers, having given beautiful volume.

Also you can collect hair in beautiful tail. This hairstyle will decorate any celebration. However before doing such pile, smoothly, brushing with fingers, collect hair in tail. Choose height and arrangement of tail. Fix hairstyle by beautiful elastic band or hairpins. That the hairstyle looked more festively, wind on tail lock hair curlers. To create beautiful hairstyle with pile not so difficult. The main thing, do it accurately not to spoil hair, especially, if they at you so are injured by various laying and hair preparations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team