Popular mistakes at house coloring of hair

Popular mistakes at house coloring of hair

Many women painted the hair in house conditions. Most likely someone was pleased by new shade, and someone was upset because of the received color. That the result has met expectations, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experts and not to repeat mistakes.

Mistake No. 1

To wash away paint ahead of time. Even if it in the eyes darkens stronger, than it is necessary, or gains unexpected tone. In 30 minutes that are specified in the instruction, there is forming of color. If to stop process before term, it is possible to receive other shade which (fortunately!) will long not keep, and it will quickly be washed up. It is not necessary to overdo structure too. Time of effect of dye is all the same limited, then it will cease to work.

Mistake No. 2

To buy not enough means if it is supposed to paint long hair. One packing is designed for average length – to shoulders. If there was not enough paint after all, it is not necessary to panic and hurry. It is necessary to wait the put time according to the instruction and to wash away. If the expected effect is not gained, it is necessary to go to shop behind additive and to dokrashivat not covered zone. Or it is necessary to correct error in salon.

Mistake No. 3

To turn into the platinum blonde step by step, buying more and more light shade. Paints cannot clarify artificial pigment. That it was not necessary to remake, or from the first it is necessary to choose color three-four tones lighter natural, or to use the special decolouring means. And only then to carry out coloring. But in house conditions to do it it is dangerous, it is better to charge process to the professional after all.

Mistake No. 4

To cover the head with towel or to put on hat. So there is chance to receive unpredictable result. Chemical reaction happens with active participation of oxygen, and the towel or cap will block access of air to structure.

Mistake No. 5

To do correction of color in week. Any paint influences structure of hair. Ideally month on restoration is necessary for them. Earlier you should not repeat chemical experiments.

Thus, following the instructions registered on packing of hair-dye it is possible to simplify significantly life and itself, and the hair, especially, not to do much harm it. And avoiding repeated commission of popular mistakes at house coloring, it is possible not only to gain magnificent hair color, but also to keep his firmness for the long period of time. Provided that mistakes nevertheless have been made, you should not panic and arrive precipitately. As a last resort, they can be corrected in professional salon.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team