Preparation for final: 7 steps to ideal skin

Preparation for final: 7 steps to ideal skin

Many graduates prefer to trust the person to hand of the professional master in vizazh. However the makeup artist not the wizard, and hardly to him will be possible to hide serious skin problems behind thick layer of make-up. Adopt only seven simple councils, and dazzling look on final to you it is provided.


1. For few weeks to final point refuse fat, the sweet, smoked products and other products abounding with preservatives and dyes. Excessive consumption of such food will inevitably be reflected in condition of skin. To avoid appearance of pimples before final, follows though for a while to reconsider diet.

2. The last campaign in sunbed it is worth making maximum three days before holiday. All because beams of ultraviolet provoke skin dehydration. As a result it will foully be pulled together, and on it wrinkles around mouth and eyes will become noticeable. Similar can happen even to owners of very oily skin.

3. Peeling – pledge of the smooth and shining skin. Carry out scrubbing or peeling in five days prior to final. The ideal make-up is inconceivable without smooth skin.

4. On the eve of graduation party it is not necessary to use masks from clay and other cosmetics having the drying properties. After their application your skin needs time for restoration instead of having a rest.

5. If "the law of meanness" has worked and at you for couple of days the pimple has jumped out on face, do not hurry to squeeze out it at all! Just to its prizhgita, having moistened cotton wool with tincture of calendula and having put to the problem place. Expression even of small heat-spot is capable to provoke strong inflammation which sometimes difficult gives in to masking by tone means.

6. In the last evening before final it is worth making moisturizing mask. It will be not superfluous to owners of all types of skin. In the morning your skin will begin to shine in literal sense!

7. Night sleep – time of active cell renewal and restoration of organism. It is the most available and universal "elixir of youth". Sin not to use it on the eve of so important action in your life. Therefore try before final to go to bed a bit earlier. Optimal variant – till 22 o'clock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team