Problem skin - the decision is!

Problem skin - the decision is!

Problem skin is unpleasant phenomenon which not in the best way influences mood and self-assessment of the person. The set of the reasons can be the cause of acne rash is both ecology, and heredity, and the general state of health. However, what would not be the reason of appearance of pimples, this problem is solved. The main thing is to arm with knowledge, to stock up with patience and not to lose self-confidence.

In general, the causes of acne rash can be divided conditionally into "internal" (improper feeding, pollution of organism, hormonal violations) and "external" (the wrong and insufficient leaving). Let's consider each potential reason in more detail. Skin is the mirror reflecting condition of all organism. Through it considerable part of toxic substances therefore it is extremely important to watch that them in organism was as little as possible is removed. For this purpose it is just necessary to eat properly. Limit the use of products with artificial dyes, sparkling water, sweets, fat and salty. If you cannot live without coffee – replace that soluble with qualitative ground. If you are sweet tooth, then replace caramel and chocolate with dried fruits and honey, they contain large amount of useful substances. Protein is also basis of beautiful skin therefore eat steamed fish, meat, bird and if you are not fan of animal products, then surely eat nuts, bean, buckwheat – at them there is also huge amount of minerals and vitamins B.

If you eat properly, correctly look after skin, and are not teenager any more, and pimples all the same annoy you, that is the sense to address the endocrinologist. Various hormonal violations can be the cause of bad skin. And it is worth checking not only sex hormones, but also hormones of adrenal glands and thyroid gland (and especially if you also are inclined to excess weight). What has to be problem skin care? Basis of healthy skin without rashes is soft and careful clarification. Unfortunately, the wrong opinion that oily skin can be cleaned with the aggressive means containing alcohol and alkali is widespread. It is quite misleading as in response to rigid soap and spirit lotions skin answers with the strengthened production of fat. All means have to be soft, natural protection of skin is necessary for fight against inflammations. You should not be overzealous also with srubs: it is necessary to use them no more than couple of times a week. It is good if at the chosen ukhodovy series there are natural antiseptic components, for example, aloe or tea tree oil. In due time purify leather from cosmetics, tone up it and surely humidify: it will become much better very soon. Get rid of habit to touch the person, are not lazy to do the cleaning mask masks two times a week – and enjoy the reflection in mirror!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team