Procedures for rapid growth of hair

Procedures for rapid growth of hair

Healthy and long hair can become the real decoration of the woman, but the nature gives not all such. Sometimes rates of their growth categorically do not arrange and then the procedures for rapid growth of hair which are also and all-strengthening come to the rescue.

The problem of srub consists not only in clarification of head skin and simplification of inflow of oxygen and useful substances to hair bulbs, but also in activization of the blood circulation happening in the course of massage. Its recipe is very simple: it is necessary to take tablespoon not too to coarse sea salt and to mix it with the same amount of rose attar, to rub mix in roots of hair not less than 5 minutes then to leave it on quarter of hour and only then to wash away. It is necessary to carry out this procedure every other day for two weeks.

It is not necessary to be afraid that oil will be badly washed away. Rather only carefully it will not be necessary to wash out hair not once, and twice, and from it also trace.

Procedures for rapid growth of hair in the form of masks are even more productive. The substances irritating the skin stimulating inflow of blood to hair bulbs are their cornerstone. The most known of similar masks is made of usual powder of mustard which gets divorced in water to consistence of sour cream. Mustard is rubbed in roots before washing, and time of its keeping depends on the level of sensitivity of skin and can vary from quarter of hour up to 30 minutes. The mask from onions for which creation it is scrolled via the meat grinder is not less effective. But it has side effect - quite strong smell therefore to apply it on hair, being going to leave shortly the house, does not follow. If there is no wish to get rid of aroma of onions, it is possible to make pepper mask which causes similar inflow of blood to skin, but has no smell. For it it is necessary or to buy ready pepper tincture in drugstore and to rub it in roots in pure form or to dissolve powder of red pepper in vegetable oil and to use this structure as mask. Masks also should be done regularly.

Aiming to improve growth of hair, it is necessary to set before itself the real purposes: rates of this process are put at the level of genetics and promise to help to grow up hair on 10 cm in month are no more than not too truthful advertizing.

Before looking for ways of how quickly to grow hair, it is necessary to pay attention to the food allowance. In it there has to be enough the products containing vitamins A, E, groups B and C, and for holding cosmetic procedures will be not superfluous to strengthen their action by means of reception of vitamin complex.

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