Properties of essential oil of orange. Its application

Properties of essential oil of orange. Its application

oil of orange is received from fresh peel by distillation about the ferry from dried peel. It has rather wide scope, but most often it is applied to skin care.

Externally orange oil looks as yellow-orange fluid liquid with sweet fruit aroma. Now it is one of the most available and inexpensive essential oils. In quality plan Guinean and Spanish oranges oil is considered the best. As it pretty fast is oxidized, add antioxidant substances to structure.

You watch that the small bottle with oil has been always densely closed. Oil of orange needs to be stored only in the fridge, by the light of and on air of its property are quickly lost.

Essential oil is received from bitter and sweet oranges. They differ in proportions of active agents and structure. The greatest number of oil contains in crust of sweet orange. Flowers of orange tree take for not role oil preparation, and leaves are used for receiving oil petitgreyn.

Poets call smell of orange oil aroma of the sun. It is considered that it helps people to be adjusted on positive spirit and brings inspiration. Often oil of orange is used during the autumn and winter period. Its smell fills with vital energy and helps to reduce stress. Besides, this irreplaceable means for fight against depression and fatigue at work. It lightens the mood and increases working capacity.

Fans of aromatherapy claim that essential oil of orange helps to struggle with insomnia and nervous tension. It refreshes and disinfects air and neutralizes unpleasant smells. The citrus smell will help to get rid of spasms, the muscular tension and headaches. It is possible to make the weakening bathtub with orange oil. It will help to restore forces and to cheer up. If previously to stir oil in milk with honey, the effect of the procedure will amplify. Orange oil – natural antiseptic agent. It helps at burns, herpes and eczemas. At viral diseases it can be used for inhalations. At diseases of gums and stomatitis rinse throat warm water with several drops of oil. On inflamed gum it is possible to do lotions. Inside oil of orange is accepted for treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases. It removes slags and cleans organism. Besides, this excellent bile-expelling and diuretic. In cosmetology orange oil is often used for skin, body and hair care. In pure form it can be used for dry skin care. It stimulates inflow of blood and strengthens natural regeneration. It is possible to apply it and to gentle skin of lips. It will help to remove peeling and to smooth microcracks. To reduce number of wrinkles and to make skin of more elastic, add several drops of orange oil to face cream. Such means will help to improve appearance of skin, will make complexion more equal, will reduce time and will dry inflammations.

On 10 ml of means 6-10 drops of oil will be required.

For fight against cellulitis add orange oil to anti-cellulite cream or make anti-cellulite massage oil. For this purpose mix aromatic oil with any base oil. Use essential oil of orange for the exhausted hair and dry head skin care. It strengthens hair and struggles with dandruff. It is possible to apply it differently. For food of hair apply several drops of oil on hairbrush and slowly carry out on hair. For comprehensive care add orange oil to the usual shampoo and balm. You can use it up to 3 times a week.

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