Puffiness of the person: effective remedies of disposal

Puffiness of the person: effective remedies of disposal

It will be pleasant to very few people when in the morning in mirror puffiness on face is visible. Especially if it repeats day by day. Except clear esthetic discomfort, the thought involuntarily disturbs whether face edemas testify to disease. As it is possible to get rid quickly and effectively of puffiness?

Puffiness of the person often is caused by excess consumption of liquid or "heavy", difficult assimilable food, especially salty, smoked. Also hypostases can arise because of unhealthy way of life: hypodynamias, smoking, frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks, non-compliance with day regimen, etc. In this case it is enough to correct food and drinking diet, to refuse addictions (or at least to minimize them), more often to happen in the fresh air and to get enough sleep. Then hypostases on face soon considerably will decrease, and then can disappear at all.

But puffiness of the person can be caused also by failures in work of any system of organism. For example, quite often it demonstrates violations in endocrine system that leads to change of composition of hormones. And this change, in turn, worsens liquid conclusion from organism owing to what hypostases develop. Problems with kidneys, heart can be the cause of puffiness of the person. At last, puffiness can arise because of genetic predisposition and also owing to allergic reaction to some external irritant. To establish the exact cause of hypostases on face and only the doctor after carrying out some analyses can appoint treatment.

Therefore in such cases it is necessary not to self-medicate and not to hope that all will pass, and to address for medical consultation.

The simple, but reliable and checked house means can serve as good and effective addition to treatment. For example, if puffiness is shown in eyes, it is recommended to put to them the cotton tampons moistened in strong made and slightly cooled tea. It is possible to replace these tampons with the tea bags made and which are a little wrung out. They are held on the swelled places of 10-12 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash cool water.

Effectively the potato mask helps. For its preparation rub couple of average tubers of potatoes on small grater, slightly wring out, having removed excess juice, then distribute weight on the surface of face. Approximately in 15 minutes remove potato mask and wash cool water. In some cases applying to edematous areas of pieces of ice or the tampons moistened in infusion of camomile, calendula, sage or other herbs can help. It is possible to get rid of hypostases by means of parsley. Grate root of this grass then mix with strong tea tea leaves. Apply mix on the swelled area for 15 minutes, on the expiration of time wash cold water. In fight against puffiness the massage is very effective. Alternate stroking to pat and pressing on face skin.

Do not use too much liquid, especially for the night.

If it is precisely established that the liquid delay in organism is the reason of face edemas, besides correction of food and drinking diet, it is possible to accept diuretics. However it is necessary to do it only after consultation with the doctor not to do much harm to the health!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team