Pulling up of the drooped cheeks: gymnastics for the person

Pulling up of the drooped cheeks: gymnastics for the person

Muscles of cheeks if not to work on them, can droop and spoil appearance with age. Therefore it is regularly necessary to do exercises for pulling up of cheeks into the old age to remain attractive.

Exercises for shchekkazhdy morning at you has to begin with small grinding of cheeks in their lower part and chin. In order that was what to work since morning, do not forget to make special broth of grass collecting (yarrow, sage, camomile) in the evening. Since morning just it will be necessary to warm up it, to moisten small towel in this broth, to bring together him in accordion and two hands to bring to chin. Then sharply part hands in the parties to stretch towel which at the same time will hit on chin. Then do the same procedure, but aiming blow at the lower parts of cheeks (serially). If in the house there are no herbs, then hydrochloric solution or just towel which you have moistened in hot water will approach.

One more spare option: it is possible just to twist wet towel in plait and, having taken the last two hands for the ends, also several minutes to clap itself on cheeks and chin.

The following exercise will be suitable for strengthening of cheeks in upper part: bring lips into position which they hold when pronouncing letter "O". At the same time the upper lip should be pressed to teeth. Then forefingers of both hands perpendicular to nose are put on cheeks in their upper part. At the same time thumbs should be put on external corners of eyes. After that look upward, trying to smile at the same time, but only upper parts of cheeks. The upper lip remains at the same time pressed to teeth, and thumbs hold from wrinkling skin near eyes. It is necessary to repeat this complex movement not less than 20 times.

You pass to the lower part of cheeks. Similarly arrange lips, only at the same time try to tighten mouth corners to the lower teeth as if you want them to be wrapped inside. After that direct the look up and concentrate attention on tension which has appeared in the lower part of cheeks. Fingertips it is necessary to execute 20 movements in a circle in the lower part of cheeks. At the correct implementation of this procedure in the lower part of the person you will surely feel burning since you initiated in these parts intensive release of lactic acid. Exercise for strengthening of muscles of cheeks. Again arrange lips in the same way, at the same time upper do not forget to press to teeth. In such state it is necessary to smile, but only mouth corners. At the same time cheeks of 20 times it is necessary to push up. The last, twentieth smile, it is necessary to detain, and to try to expand face form, representing at the same time as cheeks move up. At the same time slowly move hands on both cheeks to upper part of the head as if pushing them up. The tightening masks One potato to grate, add a little olive oil and to apply on cheeks.

Starch is known for the pulling together properties that it will be useful for the drooped cheeks.

The proteinaceous mask differs in the idle time: to beat nimbus whites to foam and to put on face. If to process proteinaceous mask in the blender with 2 spoons of oat flakes and teaspoon of warm honey, more effective mix will turn out.

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