Putting gel polish

Putting gel polish

The increased nails gradually lose the relevance though still keep in the market of the nail industry. Not a lot of time there was back material which combines simplicity of putting varnish and fortress of gel. This material is called gel polish. Still it is called shellac. From the name the essence does not change. It is possible to make such covering to himself independently. I will tell you about some subtleties in work with this material.

  • liquid for degreasing of surface,
  • file of small abrasivity or nail buffer,
  • basis for gel polish,
  • color gel polish,
  • finishing covering for gel polish,
  • oil for cuticle,
  • UF or LED lamp.

1. Let's begin with preparation. Let's remove old covering, if any, varnish covering or covering from gel polish. Also if there is need, it is worth executing hygienic manicure, but remember that classical cut will not approach. If there is no need for manicure, just orange stick remove cuticle.

2. We prepare nail plate, nail buffer we remove gloss from nail, we are not zealous but only easy movements we bring it to opaque state, no more. Also we wipe nail with any disinfector, for example alcohol, the main thing that its structure did not contain oils. We wait until the nail dries and will gain again opaque color.

3. We apply basic gel. It is not enough of it, but the nail has to be covered completely without bald spots. We place hand in lamp. Time depends on the gel, as a rule, 3-5 minutes. And from lamp. If you UF have 9 watts, then it is required minutes 5, 36 - will be enough and 2 and if you have led-lamp, then time is many times reduced, but it is at least unprofitable to have it houses.

4. Now we apply color gel. It is better to do it in several layers and each layer to dry separately not less than a minute. To try as it is possible to stretch better material that there were no drips and consolidations.

5. The finishing covering is applied on color gel polish. It is put densely, without bald spots, but not really thick layer. Kind of we seal nail face. Also we dry it in lamp. After polymerization there is sticky, dispersive layer. It can be removed with the cotton wool or napkin moistened in alcohol or liquid for varnish removal.

6. After everything it is necessary to process cuticle and side rollers oil for cuticle to soften skin and to give to manicure the finished look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team